The Majestic Composition Brands

Women stand for royalty. The grace they carry defines elegance & queenly attitude. Whether they attend an evening party with few of the office colleagues or family, or they’re  planning for lunch with a bunch of friends, they won’t step out home without getting into a slaying mood! I have a strong objection to people who say makeup makes you look artificial because there isn’t any harm in making a thing more beautiful than it already is. Agreed?

There are hundreds of cosmetic brands available and maybe a hundred more ready to launch. But which exactly is the preferred and suitable for our skin? Confused? Stay no more, because we’ve put all the lavish & high-class Makeup Brands together which have been ruling the industry since ages.

Let us have a keen look towards the most talked, used & trusted Makeup Brands from all across the globe.

Estee Lauder

The name itself needs no introduction. The lady behind the brand has created some intensely compelling products and had brought revolution in the makeup industry. The range of Estee Lauder Cosmetics is considered to be world’s most trusted products. The legacy has been passed on, and the brand tops every chart since then. From anti-ageing serums to lip care products, they have it all. No doubt the prices touch the sky, but if you demand excellent results you know the quote ‘ If you need quality, don’t look at the cost’.

Bobbi Brown

The range of cosmetics & fragrances which lately became the must-have for all the leading stars across the globe is none but Bobbi Brown. The brand’s popularity made a huge difference with its shades & tones & thus in 1995, Estee Lauder purchased it. This lavish brand is highly in demand for their ‘How-to’ makeup tutorials as well. Eyes, face & lips, they have all the skincare & makeup options exclusively available. Of course, it comes with a high price, after all the brand cover has been featured in magazines like ELLE & VOGUE.


The international brand which gets its products checked 12 times before launching. Yes! You read that right. 12 times. It’s Clinique. This global brand has earned itself a title of dermatologically premium & customised for every skin type. They have the premier range of beauty care products that can enhance the look with sincere care for your skin.


COCO CHANEL. The true blue celebrity brand. This is one international lifestyle product channel, making people look more attractive with not only their cosmetics but with perfumes, clothes, bags, shoes and many other exclusive fashion accessories. There are even people addicted to this brand who only uses its products and no other. The brand has grabbed itself a huge fan base due to its quality of course.

Mary Kay

The body & skin care brand rooted in 1963, has been loyally serving the posh demands of the ravishing ladies since then. The products surely are pricey if we compare them with other global makeup brands, but if we compare the product quality, it sure ranks higher than others. Mary Kay spends a lot on their beauty care training and thus provides one of the best advice matching the customer’s’ requirement. They emphasise on technology and even provide virtual makeovers. Great eh!


The Canadian professional makeup brand M.A.C stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics. Informative right? This one’s famous, most loved & one of the best quality cosmetic products range across the globe. The physical stores and online stores of MAC are always flooded. The reason behind this is their complexion; they give class. The love for makeup turned to love for MAC ever since they used the products. They’re now selling to 120+ countries worldwide.

Elizabeth Arden

‘I have my look covered, no matter where the day takes me’, is the kind of attitude a woman carries when she is into Elizabeth Arden. The best textures & compositions are found in this international cosmetic brand. The company is most talked about their colour coordinates and skin care products. Quality is never a concern when you decide to go with such brands.

The range of royal makeup brands are listed above, enough to match the queenly demands for a majestic look. For the love of quality, the price never matters, and these great brands are perfect for ‘quality over price’ lover kinds ladies. Find many of the mentioned brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown, exclusively available on Shoppers Stop’s Online Fashion Store.

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  • I totally agree with what you mentioned. There is absolutely no harm in making something more beautiful than what it already is. Makeup is not just makeup, its a form of expression :)

  • I love these photos and the tips are great I especially like the ones about editing! Thanks for sharing! Damn Incredible….Impressing Work!!!

  • Well, been here for a very first time. Love your blog and especially your composition of brands. Photos look cool and tips are really appreciated. Thank you.

  • Every one should try NELFUSA its very good brands recenty launched in india

    for more product

  • Wow! It is great to read that Clinique gets its products checked 12 times before launching. It is no wonder that their products are great and deliver visible results!

  • Awesome compilation of brands! 😍 I'm so impressed by Clinique! Gotta try their products soon!


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