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The Curious Case of Missing Makeup!

lost makeup items

My makeup “wardrobe” is a pandora’s box! No I don’t have rabbits and pigeons coming out of it…but yes lipsticks and blushes do come out sometimes . Really. Everytime I go there, I “discover” something I had lost ages ago. Its like the Lost World…only I find my old eye pencils there instead of the dinosaurs.

Like from last few months I was wondering where did my favourite fake that glow moisturiser go…and there it was lying below the nail stamping kit. You stupid stupid thing, what the hell were you doing there? Mommy hates you! That got me started and I was amazed to find tonnes and tonnes of makeup I thought was lost forever. My makeup mystery was solved! Years of reading Sherlock Holmes did come handy…well atleast….errr..whatever.

No no I’m too lazy for a blog sale and┬ámoreover┬áthat stuff was so old I’m not even sure its worth using anymore. But you know..if you have any missing lipstick then you may like to ransack your drawers instead of cursing that over-friendly-always-visiting-for-some-reason neighbour.

Have you ever found a long lost dear eyeshadow or blush like that?

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