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Tea Tree Pore Minimiser From the Body Shop

pore minimiser
Tea Tree Pore Minimiser From the Body Shop

Talk of Tea Tree and I’m bound to get interested. Tea tree in any shape, size and kind is welcome!! You probably must have read how I use my tea tree oil. Or how I make my own green tea toner with tea tree oil. And now The Body Shop has got a Pore Minimiser!

Tea Tree range is a global best seller due to its exceptional ability to combat skin problems and provide a clearer looking Skin in just three days.

Adding to the fabulous Tea Tree range is another splendid solution to help battle the problem of large pores – ‘The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

The Tea Tree Pore minimiser is specially made with natural cleansing; purifying and antibacterial properties that aids in decrease the size of the pores. It has a lightweight and silky texture that glides over skin without adding grease or clogging the pores. The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser is infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil which helps in gently reducing the pore size leaving the skin feeling fresh and pure with a flawless, soft finish.

Apply it before make up or take it along with you for that quick emergency touch ups. Keep everyone guessing your secret to looking fresh and matte!

Price: Rs1245 hmph.

tea tree
Tea Tree Pore Minimiser From the Body Shop

About the Tea Tree Oil
At The Body Shop, we are obsessed with natural ingredients and how they power our products and improve our skin. We source many of our natural ingredients through our Community Fair Trade program to ensure the highest quality, and we have a rigorously scientific approach which means everything we create has the highest efficacy.

The pure and potent tea tree oil is a special ingredient. Renowned for its soothing and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil has antifungal, antiseptic, anti infectious, antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits and can be used as a treatment for burns, cuts and bites.

Our organically grown tea tree oil is produced by the Kenya organic oil farmers’ association (koofa), which consists of 484 individual smallholder farmers. The tea tree plants are harvested by hand to ensure the oil comes only from the best leaves. They are then steam distilled within 12 hours of harvest. This meticulous process ensures that each and every leaf is picked at its optimum and produces exceptionally pure oil to give you the best of nature.

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  1. Goodness. Loook at the price.
    You need a good 5-7000 to actually purchase products from the tea tree range etc. :/
    Please please review this if you happen to purchase it. Cause i have enlarged pores as well :| and would love to know if it works or not! :)


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