Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss Review, Swatches: Smokey Brown

Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss in shade Smokey Brown

By Contributor: Surabhi

During summers, I’m all for shiny lip-glosses. Lustrous & glistening, such shades often make the summer months feel so much more beautiful. Although I have always maintained the difference between a shiny lip-gloss & a shimmery lip-gloss, which is exactly where Streetwear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey Brown falls. We already have a lot of review on the Street Wear lipsticks from this range. Lets see if the lipgloss fares well with the help of the review and swatches.

Street Wear Claims:

  • Color Rich Mega Shine Lip gloss has an Ultra-glossy and non-sticky formula.

  • Provides lustrous finish to the lips.

  • Soft brush for even application.

  • Moisturizing property with shimmer that makes the lips looks voluptuous

Shades available: Ruby Dazzle, Sparkling Wine, Smitten by Pink, Death by Chocolate, Valentine Rose, Party Melon, Smokey Brown, Earthy Touch

My Review of Street Wear Smokey Brown:

There’s just way too much shimmer on my lips after using this street wear lipgloss , and perhaps some may love that look for parties or special occasions, I for one, have always stayed away from these. But hey, if shimmer is your thing- this lip-gloss is outstanding, because it literally doesn’t move at all.

As for me, as I felt the shimmer was a little overpowering, and since I love layering lip-glosses over lipsticks to create unique shades- I decided to layer this one on top of another lipstick. After a quick look through my stash, I decided to go ahead with one of my favourite pink lipsticks: MAC Speak Louder. Now Agnirupa has previously reviewed this on VNA and this is in itself a bright blue-based pink. I layered a single layer of this lip-gloss on top of the lipstick and you can judge the results for yourself. I do believe that the shimmer has become much muted than how it was on itself. Even the colour combination doesn’t look half bad- so yea, I’d probably use it to give a shimmery uplift to matte shades.

Texture: The sponge-tip applicator of the mega shine lip gloss assist in even application & the formulation does spread evenly on the lips. However, it’s a little sticky, so the formula isn’t entirely weightless & I could feel a layer of lip-gloss, while wearing this product. On the plus side, the slight sticky texture ensures that this street wear lip-gloss doesn’t move at all. Hence even if you layer a couple of swipes for a deeper colour deposit, it will not bleed from your lips.

Pigmentation: Smokey Brown is adequately pigmented, that is to say that it’s semi-sheer & doesn’t completely cover my lips. However, the formulation is quite convenient for layering, and I can always layer it up for a deeper shade. Although there are a million tiny specks of shimmer mixed inside the lipgloss, and the result is quite glossy and shimmery on my lips. If a shimmery lip were what you’d been aiming for, you’d definitely love it. Personally, I’m not really into shimmer, so the end result didn’t really satisfy me.

Longevity: This color rich lip-gloss comes really cheap, price-wise, so the fact that it actually lasts for around 2 hours, is pretty good to me. Also, like I’ve mentioned before the texture is slightly sticky, and that actually helps this lip-gloss in staying on even between light meals & drinks. So you can go ahead, sip on your juice, & rest assured that your lip-gloss would stay exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Packaging: The packaging is quite eye-catching, actually. The container is a transparent plastic tube, with a black screw-on cap. The transparent tube helps in easy identification of the colour, and the small flat, sponge-tip applicator used for application is attached to the black cap. The cover lists the product details and features a cartoon girl with glossy lips, which adds a bit of funkiness to the appearance.

Good-points of Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss Smokey Brown:

  • Layering isn’t difficult, and this lip-gloss doesn’t settle into lines or get patchy with multiple applications.
  • Super-cute packaging.
  • If you’re into shimmery lip-glosses, then look no further. This product delivers ample shimmer along with the colour.
  • Considering how cheap this lip-gloss is, it last for a good 2-3 hours.
  • It has been priced very cheap.
  • The sticky texture ensures that this lip-gloss doesn’t bleed or transfer easily.

Not-so-good-points of Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss Smokey Brown:

  • The coverage isn’t very good & you have to layer it multiple times to get a good amount of colour on your lips.
  • The texture is a little sticky, which does feel a tad bit uncomfortable on the lips.
  • Doesn’t have a weightless formulation & it does weigh down my lips a little.
  • This lip-gloss has way too much shimmer content. Inadvertently, the shimmer may feel overwhelming for some.
  • This cannot really be paired with other lipsticks. Owing to it’s semi-sheer consistency, I tried layering it over pink, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results.

Price in India:Rs. 150

VNA Rating: 3/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

In a nut-shell: I’m not really into shimmer, and if you feel the same, then I won’t push you to buy this lip-gloss. On the other hand, if shimmer is what you’d been looking for, then at this price-range this is quite a steal. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure, you can still go ahead & give this a shot. At Rs. 150, I’m sure nobody’s complaining.

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Have you used Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss Smokey Brown? Share your review with us.

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  • The gloss looks pretty on its own and over MAC's Speak Louder surabhi! <3 And its good value for money too :) But I'm not a big fan of shimmer on my lips :(

  • Sadly this is full of shimmer... But this range is good. Its nonshimmery shades are really nice :)

  • i do not opt for shimmer glosses usually but the packaging of this one is sooo cute :)

  • This range must be a hit among collage goers. Considering the price the quality and staying power is really good. The quantity of shimmer may be too high but I know many who would totally go crazy over shimmer glosses with good pigmentation like this one.

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