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Starlets On Streets: What’s on your Feet!

bright yellow flat shoes
M modelling for the flat colourful chappals

The weather was so cloudy today…just exactly how I prefer it to be. No sunlight! Although no sun days is something every blogger crib about but I still love them. Went out with my college friend M. We went to sarojini market for some shopping:

Me: Shopping emergency hai
M: Abhi? Kyu?
Me: College hai 1st se. Kya pehnungi!

And there she came for me leaving everything that was tying her behind……ok she was velli and her exams just got over. There was nothing new after my visit a couple of months ago. Same colours. same style. I did click a few pictures, let me know if you want to see them.

I went mad clicking every girl there. This post concentrates on their legs shoes. My cam’s zoom was put to a great test today…had to click pictures from atleast 10ft. But the photos turned out good! Here they go:

belle flats girl
 sunny yellow flats…may be she was making up for the sun
neon yellow shoes
 the neon yellow shoes up close and personal (I pretended I was a curious tourist!)
pink flat slippers
 Pink! comfy and cute
blue flat comfortable shoes
 the tan spoiled the picture. but the flats are good
shoes shopping colorful
the colourful chappals on display
plastic colourful shoes
plastic flat shoes

For more info and photos on thrift shopping, check Sarojini Market Thrift Heaven

What’s your favourite? Btw I’m totally a chappal person!

7 thoughts on “Starlets On Streets: What’s on your Feet!”

  1. Cool! Imagine any of these girls somehow see this page & they would be feeling like celebrities & like paparazzi following them & clicking their footwear pics LOL :D

    OKay I have a request, can you please do a post on the bags collection to shop for on the Delhi streets. Plzzz

  2. havn’t been there from a long time.. time to visit sarojini nagarrr… really good post… :)so many times even i felt like taking out my cam in public places to click what ppl are wearing.. but somehow i could never do it :P hats off to u :)


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