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Look who is on instagram! I am always the last one to follow these new trends. While all the world was happily tweeting, I was happy with FB wall posts. When I finally got around to limiting my opinion to 140 characters the world moved to pinterest. When I finally started pinning the world moved to instagram. What the hell! I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told “what? you don’t instagram!” The only good (and fast) decision I made was to start blogging..and it dates back to 2010 which means I belong to the seniors club atleast somewhere. A big shout out to those blogging since 2010 and before! So yes I had to get a new phone with a good cam to start instagramming which I did this week. This one has a 12mp cam! I no longer carry my point and shoot in my bag!

ray bans dabang style

Saying hello Dabangg eshtyle in my favourite lace mint dress and pastel collar necklace. Have worn it twice in 10 days so that explains how much I love everything mint

superwoman tshirt reference

Got this Tshirt from Myntra and did a happy a dance on finding such a unique peice. The day I took it out for a test drive..a girl passed by wearing the exactly same Tshirt. *sob sob* And now 2 more girls on fb commented they have it too!

new hair cut anshita

Yes people. I chopped my hair off. Summer is officially here!

two lipsticks one makeup look

Did this for 2 lipstick reviews some time back. My eyebrows look weird.

smokey eyes

Went to sarojini market this week and found a cute maxi dress. This is what I wore. Although its not exactly a shopping out outfit. I should have covered myself like a bandit queen in this Delhi heat.

red mango fro yo review

All these instagram food updates aren’t exactly pocket friendly. This teeny tiny cup of fro yo costed approx 400 bucks! But to make things better it was tasty. At Cocoberry atleast they make you a cup..at Red Mango you need to do it all by yourself. They just take you to their bar and stand alongside while you do all the hard work!

football shoes adidas vs nike vs puma

Spent an entire afternoon trying and testing the Nike Mercurial Vapor, Adidas Predator F50 and Puma EvoPower. Sailor is big on football so yeah that would make a perfect gift. See I remember all these techy stud names by heart. In return I made him go through Forever21, Charles and Keith, Nine West, Aldo, Mango, etc to find me perfect daily wear tan wedges. Its sale time on most stores here so yes major shopping happening. Almost all these stores are on 50% in Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar. Tell me if you spot the sale in other malls as well.

transformers age of extinction

Went to watch Transformers Age of Extinction. Haven’t seen the earlier parts! Tried very hard to keep up! And it doesn’t help when a hollywood flick gives tough competition to our desi Ashutosh Gowariker films.

orange lips fotd

My makeup for Transformers, Everything in this outfit is new..right from the lipstick to the bag.

So yeah now you know why I have been MIA. Enjoying my time out from blogging and sitting in front of my laptop all day. Its so refreshing and I totally recommend you guys to take some time off from whatever you do. You don’t need to go out on a holiday to relax, just chilling out and doing nothing helps too. I call this my blogacation.

I’ve got so many pending mails that I’m scared to open my inbox. I have to admit that the continuous PR calls are a little irritating. If you are a PR then please leave a message first before calling, when you take out your phone and see 10 missed calls you sort of freak out and when you find 8 of them were from PRs then you just lose it.

I will resume blogging in a week. Till then you can follow me on my instagram account to get these inside updates on whatever “adventures” I do. These are just some of the updates I’ve posted. For the full story go HERE. If you want to me to check out what you have to say then leave your profile links in the comments.