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Spring Trend 2012: Pastel Nails!

So how do you feel when a color you have been wearing from a couple of years suddenly becomes a rage. With fashion gurus crowning pastels the color of spring/summer 2012, I cannot help but feel fashion forward! I remember walking down the lanes of bungalow road (North Campus, Delhi) and r andomly browsing through a few kiosks which every DU girl swears by and zeroing on to these never-seen-never-heard kind of nail colors. At 50 bucks a bottle, I picked up two of those and happily wore them two college for the rest of the month. And now those never-seen-never-heard colors have got a fancy name
identity to themselves…they are THE Pastels !

pastel nail trend spring summer 2012

pastel nail colors mint blue
pastel trend fashion

This one is cool minty blue. The other one I’ve is apple green. So while I’m enjoying these two pretty pastel bottles I’ve, my search for quality pastel nail colors are on full throttle. I don’t want to go for those Inglot ones, they are too subtle. Any recommendations? Do you enjoy pastels as much as you enjoy neons?

15 thoughts on “Spring Trend 2012: Pastel Nails!”

  1. hey nice shade!! I m hunting for a minty green now. Chk revlon and maybelline..I think they got a couple of pastels, orly’s gumdrop is a light blue. Not many pastel options in local brands yet. I dont recall any in lakme either. But in neons I think colorama has a few bright ones u cud chk

  2. @beautilicious may be you can try a nice apple martini kind of pastel, its about finding a shade that goes well with your tone. I’m sure you can find some

    @palak i’m noting it down..the name sounds so tempting!

    @riddhi avon? really? i’m not sure but will check


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