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Sonam Kapoor’s Two Outfits: Cannes Opening Gala 2013

sonam opening gala

For the premiere of The Great Gatsby on the Day 1 at Cannes Film Festival 2013, Sonam wore an Indian Anamika Khanna white lace sari with a long embroidered jacket. While I’m not too impressed with the outfit (its just too bg for her) the saree or the jacket isn’t the reason I’m writing the post. Its the nathni (nose ring)!! Okay I must confess I like nose rings so may be that is the reason I want to say “Bravoo!!” to her. The pearl stone nathni is

from her mom Sunita Kapoor’s jewelry line.

sonam cannes makeup
Sonam Kapoor at the Cannes 2013 The Great Gatsby Screening

Although I don’t like the makeup. I agree you have to go a bit strong to keep up with all the flashes and lights there but its the maroon lips I’m talking about. It makes her look too old and dull. The dramatic winged eye liner saves the day!

Sonam cannes makeup
Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2013 makeup

I know Sonam gets a bit too excited when it comes to red carpet appearances. While the Hollywood celebs look like they came straight out of their walk-in closets, Sonam looks straight out of a runway! But let’s just give it to her. Its Cannes. Its Day 1. Its the Opening dinner. So let her have fun dressing up.

sonam gala dinner
Sonam Kapoor at Opening Gala Dinner 2013

Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab pink princessy gown at the Opening Gala dinner. She finally looks her age in this pink lace skirt dress. Pink lips, pink pumps, pink jeweled clutch…the look is a bit too matchy-matchy from head to toe. The sleek straight hair completed the look.

sonam dinner cannes
Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab Cannes 2013

Its very similar to her last year’s Dolce and Gabanna look where she managed to look straight out of a school prom. This year its Barbie Doll. Pink looks great against her skin tone. May be she should ditch ruby and orange for a while.

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  1. I just love her in Elie Saab dress. Look at her face and sleek hair matches her persona to the T. I don’t why we just go overboard with everything while doing Indian looks on red carpet.


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