Sonam Kapoor’s Little Secret

My first reaction at the photo “oooh my my such extravagant life

My second reaction: are those pockets in her dress? really?

So these are photos from the L’Oreal Paris press conference for Cannes 2013. Being their face, Sonam Kapoor launched the Cannes special L’Oreal Paris collection. Last year they launched the L’Or Electric range with the Infallible range that time. This time its the L’Or Sunset

collection (are they running out of   names?). The photos of the collection at the end.

For the event the diva wore a Giorgio Armani Prive gown. The satin top and jacquard long skirt looks edgy and bohemian. Full marks!  But but what’s up with those kundan earrings? We know she loves flaunting her mom Sunita Kapoor’s signature line jewels but you can’t blindly wear them everywhere. And the hair? A high ponytail would have looked better.

Sonam Kapoor Armani Prive gown
Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2013 press conference

I love it when people go out of their comfortable zone and get adventurous but the earrings totally look off here.

And here is the new collection. From what I can see there are 5 lipsticks, 6 nail polishes, 1 super liner and an eyeshadow palette. Y No Blush L’Oreal? You never launch new blushes. I’m loving the lipstick shades..they all seem to be nudes and mlbbs. But I’m most excited about those nail polishes. There is not a SINGLE Indian brand which has opaque glitter nail paints. We have to turn to OPI and Zoya which are so expensive. So I’m hoping they are truly worth it . Haa!

The Cannes Film Festival 2013 will be held from May 15th-May 26th. Sonam Kapoor will be walking the red carpet on 2 days: May 15th and 16th. She is quite happy to be at the opening ceremony this year.

There is a rumour going that Sonam is wearing an Indian outfit to Cannes this year. I wonder who the designer is going to be. Plus, the look is totally going to be filmy aka Bollywood inspired. Sailor says I’m very filmy. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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  • I am loving the kundan with the outfit. it makes them stand out more. But are you liking the fall of the blouse? I am not liking how it had folded and pushed out to give a bulky appearance to her thin waist. :( Has it been cinched properly, the wait would have looked wispy and better IMO

    • I just noticed it but it looks okay on the model so yes i'm guessing its one of those fitting issues. the close up shot with the earrings look good but when you see the whole outfit, it looks kinda off to me. but then it may be just me :)

  • Dont like the earrings with tht outfit at all!! the skirt is so "jazzy" (for lack of a better word) and shud have been kept as the point of focus....the earrings throw of the balance completely....not well done at all and given it is Sonam Im quite surprised.....I think a soft updo to the side wud have looked much better.....but thts just me


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