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Sonakshi Sinha at Blackberry Porsche Launch

I was randomly browsing through the page3 photos when I spotted Sonakshi Sinha. She attended the Blackberry Porsche launch recently in an all black avataar. The first thing I would like to say is that people should dress according to their body type!

sonakshi sinha blackberry
Sonakshi Sinha Blackberry Porsche launch

She is wearing a black blazer with folded leopard sleeves and black dhoti style harem pants accessorized with a chunky metallic necklace. I probably would have liked this outfit on someone taller and slimmer. The peep toe shoes and the clutch are nothing special either. Okay I will not be harsh and if I have to like something from the whole look then it has to be her plumped up skin which looks healthy…just at the face.

Sonakshi Sinha dress
Sonakshi Sinha Blackberry Porsche launch

I will save myself the trouble of makeup breakdown since there is not much to write about. All I can see is a berry stained lip which goes well with the all black outfit. Your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Sonakshi Sinha at Blackberry Porsche Launch”

  1. This look honestly lets just leave it for sonam kapoor. She should have opted for color n definitely skinny jeans.

  2. she looks really bad. dont know why ppl dont want to work hard on their body and loose some of the flab to wear these fab dresses.

  3. considering she’s a bit on the healthier side she should’ve opted for skinny jeans & not dhoti style harem pants. other than that she looks very pretty :) Nice post Ansh! Spotted a similar blazer @ this store on fb.


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