Sofy Bodyfit Sanitary Pads Review: Anti Bacteria and Overnight

Review, Price, Buy Online Sofy Bodyfit Anti Bacteria XL and Sofy Bodyfit Overnight XXL

By Contributor: Ananya

Recently I came across Sofy Bodyfit sanitary pads range and it seemed like a worthy competitor for the omnipresent Whisper and Stayfree. I tried out the newly launched Sofy Bodyfit Antibacteria XLarge and Sofy Bodyfit Overnight XXL which I will review today. The Bodyfit range is designed to contour along your inner thighs without the dangers of leakage and detachment from its position. The maximum absorbent core is designed right where the absorption has to be super fast so that it does not flow around on the surface waiting to be absorbed like it happens with many pads with gel lock systems.

I remember while growing up there were just the Carefree ones available at most of the drugstores and chemists in India. The supermarkets weren’t so predominant like they are since the last few years and that made buying sanitary napkins a dreadful experience. The once ubiquitous Carefree with the elastic band was soon replaced by the influx of Stayfree and Kotex. Later on, during the past 6-7 years if I can remember clearly, there was a sudden surge in variants available and Whisper stretched out and Stayfree followed suit. Frankly, the rest disappeared from the shelves of the supermarket as Whisper and Stayfree dominated. Does any one remember this transition during the last 8-10 years?

Sofy bodyfit antibacterial Review:

Sofy Claims: Introducing India’s 1st Antibacterial Napkin. For Long Lasting Hygiene, No Worry About Smell. This napkin gives 99.9%* bacteria protection for long lasting hygiene because it has: GREEN ANTIBACTERIA SHEET: That gives 99.9% protection from Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans (As per 3rd party laboratory examined data).PERFUME TREE FRAGRANCE:  Controls period smell for a fresh and confident feeling

My Experience with Sofy Bodyfit Anti Bacteria:

I am really happy with the Bodyfit Antibacterial. It has a very light and refreshing fragrance and is super comfortable to wear. It doesn’t feel plastic-y and artificial like the plastic coated pads feel. It’s made of super absorbent cotton, that comfortable to the skin. The sanitary pad does not move from it’s place and there is no tricking down of fluid from the sides, thanks to the side walls. Though, it might vary depending on the user’s thigh diameter, overall it was a great product to use.

The antibacterial sheet makes sure that you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odours even in summer. I guess if a product that is meant to be used all year around, can pass the trials during a tropical, humid summer, it is a product worth having and keeping! The length of the XL pad is also long enough to make sure there is no backward trails in your garments due to sitting for long hours. The best part was, the fluid is does not stay over the surface and wait to be converted to gel and locked, because that gives it a window of leakage during heavy flow.

SOFY Bodyfit Overnight in Size XXL Review:

Sofy Claims: The SOFY Bodyfit Overnight in size XXL is presumably the Longest Napkin in India. Prevents leakage until morning. Now ! Give yourself a peaceful and comfortable sleep during Periods. No more waking up in the middle of the night to change your pad. SOFY Bodyfit Overnight is a new napkin specially designed for leakage protection at night. It’s extra length and wider hip guard gives maximum coverage on your panty to prevent stains. So you can sleep peacefully without worrying. 3 Way Leakage Control System

WIDER HIP GUARD: It covers your panty from the back for extra coverage to prevent stains, even on heavy flow nights.

SHAPE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM: It keeps the pad in shape by being flexible with any position that you may sleep in.

DOUBLE ABSORBENT CORE: It fits the body and continues to absorb from night until morning.

My experience with SOFY Bodyfit Overnight Size XXL:

I am impressed! To start with I was a bit apprehensive about the “all night clause” and decided to try it out during the day time to maximise the time frame it can hold a heavy flow. Turned out for me it was around 3-4 hours. This is hugely subjective based on your flow.  So if you go to bed very very late and wake up quite early, this sofy pad will perform optimally. Furthermore, its super comfortable because its cotton and does not have a plastic coating , has a lot of adhesive and wings to fix it up snugly, and the length and side walls prevent any leakage. Only point to note is that you have to know the time you max it out.

The glue is pretty strong and does not detach from its place. The glue also does not leave any traces on clothing on been stripped off. It a whole package and is pretty economical as well.

What I love about Sofy bodyfit Anti Bacteria and Sofy Overnight:

  • Each pad comes with a disposable cover that makes it super easy to carry in your handbag.
  • Light, refreshing fragrance that instantly lifts your mood (at least it did mine! :) )
  • Its super absorbent yet super thin, making it easy to wear with slim fit trousers or jeans.
  • The glue quality is superb. Not only does it keep the pad steady, it leaves no trace while detachment.
  • The butterfly wings are snugly folded up and are not all over the place as is the case with some pads.
  • It is made of cotton and is super comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin
  • Feels light and dry
  • The surface of the absorbing material does not tear or shred up due to friction, or humidity or sweat.
  • Pretty much delivers what it promises
  • Very economical

What I don’t like about Sofy bodyfit Anti Bacteria and Sofy Overnight:

  • No cons that I can think of. If it has to be anything, i must say the packaging can be a bit more attractive to entice people to try it out.
  • The “all night “  clause is subject to the flow. It’s based on an average and if you have a heavier flow, you might want to test out the maximum the pad can handle, before putting it on test through the night.

Price in India: Rs.59 for 7 pads (Sofy Bodyfit Antibacterial XL) and Rs.155 for 10 pads (Sofy Bodyfit Overnight XXL)

VNA Rating: 4.3/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

Conclusion: I am very happy with the sofy sanitary pads. It does resolve some of the nagging issues I had with other sanitary napkins that made me flit around from one product to another. I like the fact that it’s super kind to my skin and is comfortable to wear. It delivers what it promises. I haven’t had any issues with them. Worth a try. Strongly recommend!

Have you used Sofy Bodyfit Anti Bacteria and Sofy Overnight? Share your reviews with us.

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  • thanks!for the review ananya.oh gosh! I was waiting for the sofybodyfit antibacterial review.I hope this does not give me any rashes unlike my previous ones.

    • It doesn't, trust me. I am super happy with these sanitary napkins. They are better absorbance science than any other high valued product. Also they actually keeps you that dry feeling which all other products claim.

    • Comment:no yaar its good light and very comfortable to ware recently I got atrail pack from mall and iys too good and then I purchased a big packet of antibacterial sofy pad go for it

  • I've been using Bella now.. Think I should try dis, and I really luv d way u reviewed

  • Thanks for sharing the review dear, from teen age only i am stuck with whisper..may be i will try this now :)

    • Whisper is best. Sofy is making fool their customer. Cotton and plastic which used in it is really so rough .we get swelling and rashes easily.

    • Whisper is best. Sofy is making fool their customer. Cotton and plastic which used in it is of cheap quality .we get swelling and rashes easily.

  • I recently switched from whisper ultra xl wings to sofy anti bacteria and i am absolutely loving this product. It definitely provides better protection!! :) :D

  • I purchased it from pune Aundh shop.i am highly disappointed with its quality. I got swelling and cotton and plastic is so rough that you can get skin rashes easily.
    Please dont go for it. Worst product.
    Only sales person will pramote it. It cant beat whisper or stayfree.

    • Yes right mine is same experience as yours I also got rashes and not Leaked proof whisper is best

  • Comment:I loved Sofy Bodyfit as its super absorbent n very much pleasing....

  • I really love this Product.. Its too comfortable, never make a feel that we are in periods while using it.


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