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So Now A Fashion Parade For a Toothpaste?

sonam backless

Alright let’s start with the pretty things. The colour of Sonam Kapoor’s lehenga that she wore for the launch of Colgate Visibily White Toothpaste is b-e-a-t-i-f-u-l. More so because I’ve a saree in the exact same colour. Those you who have seen my FB page profile pic, yep its the same saree. This kind of colour is quite tricky and I actually bought it by mistake…but that’s for another post. For now, I’m just enjoying staring at it.

sonam manish

But I don’t really get the concept of this show. Manish Malhotra is showing off his purana designs and models…all for what? A toothpaste? What the world has come to? The marketing gurus these days are getting insane!

Anyway who cares. Let them do a fashion show on sanitary napkins as well. I can almost imagine the producers saying “we are trying to portray how today’s woman is strong and independent and doesn’t need a man through our new range of sanitary pads“. Noooooo!!

sonam kapoor

Talking of the “fashionista” I’m quite liking the messy hair braid. Mine turns out messy too because of the layers in my hair. So I kinda enjoy other people’s mess too. Haa!

Don’t miss the star of the show…Colgate Visibly White toothpaste in the next pic. Who cares what Sonam is wearing. I’m all eyes JUST for the toothpaste.

sonam colgate launch

Btw what do you think is the true colour of her outfit? Is it orange, coral or red? I know because I had a situation because of that. Damn the store lights! I got an entire different saree at my home!

coral lehenga

sonam fishtail

Anyway if you are wondering which lipstick is that than don’t fret your brains. Its Mac Ruby Woo…the matte-ness is giving it away. Ruby is a retro red and super duper matte…not one of my favourite formulas to work with.

PS – I don’t any of the above images. How would I?!

4 thoughts on “So Now A Fashion Parade For a Toothpaste?”

  1. She looks lovely in the outfit, and I love the hair. Totally do not understand how the fashion show is supposed to make me wanna buy the toothpaste lol :) and yes it is a darn tricky colour to name!

  2. Sonam looks lovely as usual…but I know a fashion show for a tothpaste is crazy…haha
    n the prospect of having one for sanitary napkins is even crazier…hehe…giggle giggle :)
    here is to more fashion and fashion shows :)

  3. Sonam Kapoor’s this red lehenga has been one of the most demanded product among celebrity collection replicas.


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