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Shop With Me: Forever 21

While there is still a fortnight to go before I can proclaim to be 21 or rather Forever 21, I gave Forever 21 a visit to get myself a birthday present. Actually I took the guy along and did my loud oohs and aahs whenever I saw anything pretty to…well…give him a hint, what else! Now don’t tell me that you have never done it!

You know I hate this when stores don’t allow taking photographs inside. Its like “hello I’m giving you some free publicity, why are you being a fool and denying it?!

” So when I very politely asked an SA if I could take pictures inside, she not so politely denied it..and that did it. I HAD to take pictures now. Mr. Newton has very wisely said “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction .”

So bringing you know some very exclusive photographs from Forever 21!

forever 21 dresses color block
Color blocking. nice way to wear 3 bright colours and black together

black fur jacket prada chanel
polka dot sweater jumper
so love this polka dotted black jumper
beige nude dress top neutral
I have this huge extreme swing of moods. Sometimes all I want is COLOUR. and other times I hug beiges and nudes.
sequined glitter bling shoes pumps heels
beige nude brogues shoes loafers boots
This was on my “ooh its so pretty” *puppy face* list. I hope he got the hint!
neon accessories cuffs bracelet bangles
Always a fan of Glow in the Dark colours
neon bright neck pieces necklaces accessories
a rather hazy picture. Was trying to hide the camera from a nearby SA
feather earrings neon extensions
feathers feathers everywhere, not a single pair for me..why?! Naah I got one myself!
dangling earrings loops studs bright forever 21
they were so huge but still love them..but not on my rather small heart face

So these were some pictures I got for you while putting my life in danger. Okay not my life but they could have thrown me out! By the way cell phone camera would have been easier to use in this situation, you can always pretend to be talking on phone if they catch you: Note to self

Some of these items are on sale so go ahead and grab something. I will try to cover ZARA next in the shop with me series.

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29 thoughts on “Shop With Me: Forever 21”

  1. wow ansh such nice pics u took chhup chhup ke!!! awesome!!! and the glitter pumps are soooo droolworthy!!!! sighhhhhh… me wants wants wants!!!!
    awesome post.. keep them coming!!! :)

    • it was getting so difficult to shoot you know..but it was fun! the glitter is taking me in so much..i love everything blingy these days :D

  2. I LOVE FOREVER 21. too bad they don’t have an outlet in mumbai. oh well. i don’t get these stores in India. are they retarded? i mean i see youtube videos all about clothing hauls and they also take tons of pictures inside the store & the people there gladly allow. :)


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