Sensiderma Foundation Cream Primer by Queen Cosmetics – Review, Swatch

Being a beauty blogger, I sometimes have to test new products to review them here. Believe me I’m never happy doing this since I’ve a super sensitive skin which shows redness at the drop of a hat. So, most of the times, I switch to body care products instead of face products. I can be totally adventurous when it comes to makeup and a coward when it comes to skin care. So, this time when I was asked to review a product which was specially made for sensitive skin, I didn’t waste time in thinking and immediately agreed. Let’s see how it fared.

It Says: If find that your existing brand of coloured foundation is fine for short periods but can cause irritation or start to flake after a certain length of time, Sensiderma Foundation Cream can make an excellent primer for sensitive skin types. Use it underneath your existing foundation as a barrier to reduce irritation and/or to prolong the smooth appearance of your foundation.
Sensiderma Foundation Cream can be used after applying your usual moisturiser or may be sufficient on its own if you use a tinted moisturiser or particularly rich coloured foundation cream.

Price: £23.45 for 100g

I’ve a love-hate relationship with this primer. I was completely disappointed with it initially. First of all, I’ve combination skin with an oily T-zone. So when I first used it in the summers, it made my face super shiny within an hour. It would start looking greasy in a few hours and the shine would come back even after I topped it off with a compact. Needless to say, I was not happy and stopped using it completely.

Now when the weather got a bit dry, I took it out again to give it a shot again and this time it worked! Infact, this time I could totally skip my moisturiser and wear this alone before the foundation. It made my foundation stay on for hours. So, it is totally a winter primer for me.

The texture is not too thick like a cream neither too runny like a lotion, it’s somewhere in between. This is made specially for the sensitive skin, so no fragrance and allergic reactions here. Needless to say it never broke me out.

I like the simple classy white and black packaging. And it is so frigging huge. Since, you don’t need too much of it, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of it. I doubt if my next seven generations would be able to finish it off either! I just dot it all over my face and I’m done.

So is it for you? Yes if you have sensitive skin and are looking for products which are tailor made specially for your skin type. It is totally a winter primer for oily combination skin since it just will not work in the hot summer months. And if you have dry skin, it can work well with you in summers too, and you would need to use it with a moisturiser in the extreme winter months.

Product sent by the PR for review purposes, my review is as honest as it can get.

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  • great that it made ur foundation stay long..usually primers are clear..this looks like a usual cream..but good it works in winters atleast..

  • @bhumika hai na..i don't know why they emphasize so much on the colour less part, primers are meant to be clear. haan it works in winters only

  • Umm.. doesn;t sound that good. Would stay away. But sounds good for people in colder countires

  • @rakshanda ya i know your love for queen :)

    @nivedita yes actually every brand should come up with diff products for diff skin types. just one product cant suit everybody

  • Is it really a primer/foundation?? Isn't it way too white for being one... sorry but you know who I am. A complete illiterate in foundation/concealer/primer area...


  • @jiya jiya this is a primer n not foundation. its transparent and doest leave any colour. i know..m here to help you! ;)


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