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Secret Tip Of The Day Vol. 10

Who doesn’t like some random tip on beauty or fashion? I have a warehouse full of such tips and I would keep posting them here often so that you all can benefit from them. All of them are tried and tested. Please share your wonderful tips too here with us.

Today’s tip is on acne scars. Well everybody has them. I’ve tried quit a few things to lighten them up and one of the best ones I found was the sandalwood treatment. Now don’t go for sandalwood powder because they are all adulterated. Instead get a sandalwood stick. Make a paste and add some black gram (urad ki dal? ) paste and apply on the acne scars for 15-20 mins and wash off. Regular usage will lighten them up to a great extent.
Share it with everyone, don’t let it be a secret!

6 thoughts on “Secret Tip Of The Day Vol. 10”

  1. Hey Ansh.
    Can u pls suggest something for chicken pox scars?
    I had pox 4 months back. N i tried almost everything to get rid of these marks but it din’t help.
    Some help is really required.
    PS: i love ur blogs :)


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