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Secret Tip Of The Day Vol. 5

Who doesn’t like some random tip on beauty or fashion? I have a warehouse full of such tips and I would keep posting them here often so that you all can benefit from them. All of them are tried and tested. Please share your wonderful tips too here with us.

If you suffer from dry lips and have done everything possible to repair them, then consider changing your method. We will use a method where we focus on a particular area of the body to treat some other part entirely. Apply some desi ghee
(clarified butter) on your belly button at night before sleeping. Wake up with soft lips the next morning!

4 thoughts on “Secret Tip Of The Day Vol. 5”

  1. 1) for chapped lips: b4 sleeping n after geting up i massage my lips wid boroplus n den dab some himalaya lip balm ovr it..keeps my lips moisturised..!!

    2) for shrinking d pores/getting glow/keeping oilyness at bay: aftr washing ur face, rub ice ovr it or splash some refrigerated water at d end..works wonders..!!

  2. yeah i know abt this one. I have heard one should apply mustard oil on belly button for crached lips.:P
    Following you through networked blogs, and just liked ur FB page. i couldnt find your “join this site button”, seriously.


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