Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening And Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: Review and Price

Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening And Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I have always wanted a pet named Sebastian ever since I got hooked to Disney. Too bad my home isn’t pet friendly. One day. I would get a dog and call it Sebastian. Haan and we would even shorten it up to Saby! What made me go back to the beautiful fantasy world of Ariel is this monochrome hair set lying in my drawer claiming to be my new HG shampoo conditioner duo. In a world where every other hair range feels the same, read what makes Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening And Repair range a must have for me. Let’s start with the review.

My Review:

I’ve been using this Sebastian Professional duo from 2 months now and in one word its Magic! I’ve never been impressed by a shampoo and conditioner like this. Earlier when I had to wash my hair, I wouldn’t really bother which product I was picking from the half a dozen brands in my stash since almost all of them gave similar results. But no no not anymore. I HAVE to have my black and white set with me. The shampoo and conditioner both come in long cylindrical bottles of 250 ml with a push open mechanism. The black is for shampoo and white bottle houses the conditioner. The shampoo is pearly white with a runny consistency while the conditioner is a thick white cream.

Earlier my just washed  hair looked quite frizzy and needed a day or two to look normal so I would wash my hair a day in advance before going out. But now my just washed hair look frizz free and soft and this effect lasts for 2-3 days until the next wash. I’ve not seen a bad hair day from quite a long time now. I’ve not used the duo separately so I can’t comment which of them does all the work so I would like to believe its a team effort! You know the feeling when you keep washing your hair because you feel the conditioner is still on..that’s what I experience in my shower when I touch my hair. Super duper smooth and silky to touch! It has neither increased nor decreased my hair fall. Pricey but so worth it. If budget is not a constraint then you gotta try this out.

I took this picture after air drying my hair. No combing.

What I like about Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening And Repair Shampoo Conditioner:

  • Eliminates frizz. I’ve not seen a day when my hair behaved frizzy and unmanageable ever since I started using Sebastin.
  • Gives a totally clean wash. Takes away all the build up and residue from using serums and hair sprays.
  • Keeps oil away for 2-3 days
  • Foams nicely
  • No bad hair days
  • The conditioner detangles my hair
  • The quantity you get is quite good so it lasts a couple of months easily. And you would still be left with the conditioner.

What I don’t like about Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Strengthening And Repair Hair Range:

  • The shampoo contains SLS which I try to avoid in my hair products as its very drying. But since this range has been giving me good results so I don’t mind

Price: Rs.1200 for shampoo, Rs.1500 for conditioner (250ml)

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Availability: You can get it in all Wella Salons across India. I’ve also seen it online

So is it for you? Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening Repair works like magic for me. I know this stuff is pricey but then it actually shows results. I suggest you try it atleast once and see if it beats your other hair products. Its everything I expect from my shampoo and conditioner – clean hair, no frizz, smooth and soft hair and non drying. I’ve found my HG shampoo and conditioner and won’t mind taking out a small portion of my monthly budget for this duo.

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