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How to Save While you Splurge – Meet BonusBay

bonusbay india cashback review

How to Earn Money with BonusBay India

By Contributor: Moupee

Online Shopping is the perfect way to buy all the goodies that your heart desires without having to leave the comfort of your sofa seat. You get access to the latest fashion apparel, trendiest gadgets and coolest accessories all at your fingertips. The only downside seems to be that these massive online shopping sprees burn a hole into your account. Well good news is that online services like bonusbay are offering an exciting opportunity to earn while you shop. Bonusbay is a free service that helps you get money back on your online purchases on over 500 stores including Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra and more.Sounds too good to be true? Here is how the system works.

bonusbay india offers discounts review

Step 1: Get your Registration Done

Registration is pretty simple and will be over in max two minutes. It is free and requires only a one time validation of your e-mail ID and password. Alternatively you can sign up using your Facebook account.

how to shop online on bonusbay

Step 2: Shop till you Drop

Click on the store of your choice on the Bonusbay and make the purchase as you do. At this point, there are numerous brands in different categories like beauty, health, fashion, electronics, home & lifestyle, grocery, kids, entertainment and many more which are a part of Bonusbay.in. So make sure to check this website before you make any purchases online!

Step 3: Grab your Bonus

Bonusbay gets to know how much you spent on the shop and deposits the gift money in your account. You will keep on accumulating the bonus in your account as and when you keep making purchases through BonusBay. You can get the details of how much bonus you have accumulated by login through the Login account and checking the Tab called MyAccount

Step 4: Transfer to bank account

Once your balance hits a limit of Rs. 1000, you can ask for the amount to be transferred to your bank account. This will usually not take long if you are a regular shopper at BonusBay as most of their retail partners offer great Bonus scheme. Currently Yatra.Com is offering Rs.500 bonus on flight booking and American Swan is offering 15% bonus scheme. Always remember to spend wiser!

how does bonusbay work

What we like about BonusBay

  • You Get access to more than 100web stores and 600 brands across all sectors like luxury, fashion, beauty, gourmet food, lifestyle, electronics, home, bed & bath etc.
  • Book flight tickets and hotel reservations through Yatra.Com which is an affiliate of BonusBay and get massive bonuses and cash backs as these are high value purchases
  • From Bonusbay you not only get discounts offered by retailers but you also receive the additional “Bonusbay cash back”. So discounts on top of all deals are just like proverbial icing on cake. All this is offered just a click away: Visit your favorite store through Bonusbay.in to avail additional discount offered

BonusBay has 200+ stores and stocks more than 750 great brands. Here are more than 756,168 shoppers who shop from BonusBay and are satisfied by its service. Currently there is a special welcome bonus which Bonusbay is offering to VNA readers. Click HERE and get Rs.250 bonus in your account. Follow the link to sign up and get the start up bonus in your account.

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