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NEW Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish Review and Swatches: Sweetie (400)

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie Nail Polish Review Swatches

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Polish in Sweetie (400) – Review, Photos and NOTD

By Contributor: Agnirupa Acharyya

I know I know I have been a bit irregular with my reviews lately but kya karein! What with diwali and the pujas I only hauled and hauled but got around to being lazy and writing nothing! Anyway, lately I have become a nailpolish junkie and yeahh well the new textured polish launches of Sally Hansen is certainly not helping in keeping my account balance in check. And omg these are allll so gorgeous and oh shit! Even more monstrously priced..hate you sally hansen!

I pounced on the whole shelf while the S.A looked on in alarm and regret that she had called me up in the very first place and informed me about these. The first day I picked up this lovely pastel yellow color from the Sugar Coat range called- Sweetie. I could not wait to rush home and try these on my nails! Let’s get started with  my NOTD.

NOTD Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie Nail Polish
NOTD: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish

My Review:

Sweetie is actually a pastel banana yellow which would have been much nicer and apt named banana than err..sweetie but oh ok never mind I am just being nitpicky.

The nailpolish does not go opaque in a single coat and you hardly make out the sugary effect but oh boy! Once the second coat is on and the polish starts drying, I stared at it transfixedly as the granules formed and my nails were left looking as if I had just dipped it into a lemony sugar bowl..luuvvv!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie 400 Nail Polish
Sugar Coat Sweetie 400

The texture is neither very thick and gloopy as I was afraid it might be nor is it runny. It is of excellent texture, a bit on the thicker side and spreads the sugary granules very evenly all along my nail which is awesome considering all the bad reviews I have read up on textured nail polishes.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie Nail Polish Review Swatches
New Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie

The nail polish dries quite fast and of course no top coat on it please. It stayed put on my nails with very minimal tip peeling upto 4-5 days, brightness and sugar granules absolutely intact.

The sugar coat polishes come in a flat squarish type of bottle with a splattering of sugary substance in the front which increases its visual appeal. The brush is quite short and medium thick which  is easy to work with and picks up a good amount of sugar along with polish.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie Nail Polish with flash

The pros of Sugar Coat Sweetie by Sally Hansen:

1. Cute, visually appealing flat square bottles with a convenient thick short brush.

2. Not at all thick, gloopy or streaky in texture and applies very smoothly and evenly.

3. The color sweetie goes bright and opaque in 2 coats and the sugary granules crystallize properly.

4. I luuuuuvv the sugar coat effect! Looks so yummy. I wish I could lick it off.

5. The color sweetie is a bright banana yellow color.

6. Stays immaculate almost for 5 days approx!

The cons of the textured nail paint by Sally Hansen:

1. Unavailibility except for a select few places.

2. Priceeeeyyyyyyyyy

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie Nail Polish Review Swatches

Price: Rs.460 for 11.8ml…what the……

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Shades Available: Gummy Grape, Laughie Taffy, Royal Icing, Pink a Card, Pink Sprinkle, Spare-A-Mint?, Treat-Heart 

Do I recommend? Ooohh yes!! Sally Hansen Textured Nail Polishes are a big addiction amongst the shades launched I have already went back to the mall 3 times more to get fuzzy coats and sugar coats. My purse is crying! I never thought I would love textured polishes at all but omg these are so dainty, so sugary, so delicious looking that I am bitten by the bug!!! They have launched a lot of shades here already- a blue, a mauve, a bright pink, a black, a white, a mint green, a cherry red and this yellow one! So loads to pick and choose. Do get them!

Hope you ladies liked my review! Wait for me as I get back soon with more sugar coats and fuzzy coats!

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  1. Hi,
    The nail paint looks lovely.
    Can you give an idea where it would be available from.. Online or anywhere in Delhi / Gurgaon?


  2. Hi Agnirupa, can you tell me where you bought these from..i have been searching these for a while with no luck yet.


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