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Ritu Kumar Collection: Grand Finale Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13

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Ritu Kumar Collection Grand Finale Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
The opening sequence by Label Ritu Kumar presented Art Deco in a contemporary design language and context. Using the motifs and moods of the era, the pieces were crafted to offer a modern representation. Dropped waists, bold forms and delicate embroideries are juxtaposed with modern techniques and shaping. The collection is very graphic. Fabrics were predominantly silks in chiffon, crepe and twill. The mood was
svelte eveningwear and embellishments exude themes and inspirations from architecture. Blazing colors, rich deep inks, bold and elegant lines made possible by treatments like serigraphy and lithography spell glamour, romanticism and wit.

The second half of the show draws inspiration from the Indian Freedom Movement and the colonial era and dips into the romance of the 1930’s. Using the rich design heritage of Ritu Kumar Couture, the collection draws from the European influence on Indian royalty during the pre-partition period. This results in the use of rich tapestries, laces, brocades and embroideries. The interpretation of the theme uses expert workmanship of the atelier. It carries forward the vintage mood of the previous segment but in its Indian avatar. The geometric motifs form graceful curvilinear feminine lines of paisleys and chintzes in luxurious colours.

The collection ends with a regal collection of gold, black and jeweled ensembles reminiscent of the India of the mid 20th century with its Baroque influences and distinctive style of Indo European fashion.

The distinctive element of the show was the showcasing of the wide range of the Ritu Kumar brand at one event. Both history and the future of the brand have been made available on one platform and the appeal is aimed across generations and tastes through a lavish and adventurous presentation.

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Ritu Kumar Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
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Ritu Kumar Grand Finale Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
Grand Finale Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
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Ritu Kumar

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