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Review: Luxola Online Shopping Haul and Shipping to India

luxola online shopping review haul coupon code

Luxola Website Review

Here comes my big fat Diwali haul. I say Diwali because I always find excuses to shop. Oh its Holi? Let’s buy some colours..or makeup. Its your kid’s birthday? Let’s go buy some gifts..or makeup. That explains why I need to read Shoo, Jimmy Choo! But I would rather Shopaholic to the Stars (can’t even start with how much I love reading Sophie Kinsella) But before that you need to read about my recent online shopping experience and the big fat Luxola haul I managed. As soon I saw this mail sitting in my inbox telling me about Luxola and its shipping to India I could tell some online shopping was on the cards. Let me quickly go through the review and show you what I all I got.

luxola beauty blender shopping

Before looking either left or right, just put the Beauty Blender

in your cart. They have launched a new black sponge which I am now eyeing so I might be getting that soon. Did I tell you I’m so excited to finally own THE beauty blender?!

luxola shopping haul real techniques brushes

My next stop had to be Real Tachniques. They sell out quite fast so I added whatever I could manage. Yep zero patience, already used this RT travel kit brush kit before clicking the pictures. I cannot tell you how many times I have planned to buy Real Techniques in the past few months. This one time I was so so close to the buy button but some or the other thing always stopped me. Its a mix of reviews from friends and other beauty bloggers about the customs, lost packages, etc etc so I’m now glad Luxola stocks it. Some of the brushes are priced lesser than feelunique and lookfantastic.

luxola sigma sleek 3c makeup haul

When RT is sold out, you go straight to Sigma. I own a few Sigma brushes and love them to bits. But this time I wanted to try the eye makeup brushes which are said to be MAC dupes. Like the E25 Blending Brush which is a close dupe of MAC 217 Brush. Apart from that I also got the E30 pencil brush, E40 Tapered Blending Brush and E65 Small Angle Brush.

I also got the Sleek Brow Kit and Life’s a Peach Blush. The blush looks orange in pictures but its actually a very pretty peach. Lemme know if you want a review on it. I also got the 3C Highlighter which is so much like MAC Soft and Gentle. Minimal shimmer with a healthy sheen.

luxola zoeva cool Shimmer 88 Shade Palette shopping

If you know me you know I hate single eyeshadows. Who has got the time in the world to sort them! And I always wanted a big fat shimmer palette so I got this Zoeva 88 Shimmer Cool Palette . The thing with these 88 palettes are that they give you almost every colour you need in a box. The quality is not top class but good to have just in case you need some shades and don’t want to buy them separately. They also work nicely as base shades. I was worried about the shipping because a few shades always come damaged with these palettes but thankfully they came all nice and new. I already did a purple smokey look with these which is why you see the Sigma brushes purple!

luxola review makeup haul shipping india

They have just recently started Shipping to India. And they give free shipping above orders worth Rs.2300 which is quite easy to hit because you do see a lot of high end stuff there. My order came in 3-4 days which pleased me the most. Everything came nicely bubble wrapped and secure. The Luxola guys offered me a coupon code which would give all VNA readers 25% off on their first order. Its BLX-ANSHITA

and valid from 22nd October – 22nd November. Kudos to Luxola.com for stocking some of my favourite brands and shipping to India.

Have you shopped from Luxola? Share your views with us.

40 thoughts on “Review: Luxola Online Shopping Haul and Shipping to India”

  1. Looks like you have quite a few reviews lined up for us !! =)
    As for luxola I wish they’d add Stila and MUA products!

  2. Hi Anshita,
    Nice haul :-) I have one doubt, 2 days back, I was ordering from luxola, when I was about to pay, below the page I saw, I will be charged some 49 Singaporean $! I did not make the payment n I logged out!!. My shipping was also free as the order value was more than 2300. Did you face anything like that?? Did you pay only your order amount ???? I so want the sigma brushes :-)

  3. I also ordered firm these anshu.. sigma e25 and e40 and some sleek pallets.. and yes they r super gorgeous..
    And the delivery was mind blowing in 4 days

  4. Wao grt haul,finally something like this has come to india,I will be definetly buying sigma brushes and RT brushes,hope the get more products like nars, wet and wild and stila one’s.

  5. hi,
    i am very much interested to buy from luxola.i just wanted to know whether they charge customs for their order.did you pay any customs duty?

  6. Hi Anshita, would like to know if you paid any customs or other duty on the order? I have been meaning to order from luxola for quite some time but I am wary of the taxes and stuff. Paid a good sum on my RT brushes when I ordered them from iherb. So would like to know about the same for Luxola. Mush needed review. Thanks. I have been reading your blog for quite some time. It’s fabulous. Keep up the good work.

  7. Oh my that’s huge and I’m also eyeing some RT brushes and beauty blender but I’ve heard they’ve kept the price of products high than their actual price, is it true Anshita?

  8. Hi Anshita,

    Thats an awesome haul. :)
    I have a question.
    What are the modes of payment? Is debit card allowed?
    Please do reply!

  9. Luxola sends the same samples free to all the bloggers who in turn redirect their subscribers with a discount coupon..in turn the boggers earn a commission . This is the reason everyone has the same luxola haul..check youtube ..same products

  10. i am eyeing those from quite a some time now. just a single query. Did you paid for customs..?? if yes than how much???


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