Review: Lakme Salon Hair Colour with Golden Highlights

Review, Price of Lakme Salon Delhi for Hair Colouring and Hair Cut

By Contributor: Monica

As part of TeamVNA when Anshita asked me whether I would like to get a hair makeover done at a Lakme salon of my choice in Delhi, I was like yayyyyyyyy! Yes please, yes please. She is such a sweetheart I tell you…. lots of pucchiiis to her. I went to Lakme Salon, Vasant Vihar to get one of the show stopping hairstyles from their new Hairisfashion collection. The salon is quite decent in size and the staff there is very courteous and friendly. While I was there, one of their client’s had her birthday that day and they were kind enough to get her a bouquet and wish her. I liked this gesture of salon staff.

Once I reached there, I was introduced to their manager – Gurpreet, who, like rest of the staff is a smiling young woman. She settled me down and introduced me to my hairstylist of the day- Vaid. Vaid has been working with Lakme for last 4 years and as per Gurpreet, he is one of their star hairstylists.

Vaid showed me their showstopper catalogue (check the catalogue HERE) and quickly we decided to give me gold highlights. You don’t have to copy the exact style from the Show Stopper Collection, they customize it for you depending on your taste, requirements, hair texture, length, etc. I already had highlights in my hair but they were very subtle brown highlights which as per Vaid were not complementing my fair complexion much so he suggested I should get golden highlights. He even suggested than in order to highlights to come out well and blend in my hair colour, I should also get my base colour redone. I have never got my entire hair coloured before and I was bit apprehensive too but he assured me that the end result would be much better than my current highlights so I gave in.

By the way, Lakme salons use Schwarzkopf hair colours only. Vaid started highlighting my hair using Schwarzkorpf permanent hair colours range named “Gora Royal” and carefully packed them in silver foils. Then after the highlights, he coloured the remaining base hair in shade “Absolute Brown” which was a combination of 4.60 and 5.60 numbers in same Schwarzkopf permanent hair colour range.

The highlight colour used was ammonia free but this base colour which he used, was not ammonia free. I asked him about the side-effects of ammonia on hair and he said there are not much side-effects except over-drying. But this base colour was causing me itching wherever it touched my skin eg. ears and neck, so I guess ammonia is not good for skin. However, Vaid and his assistant were quite pro in colouring and I had minimum discomfort while getting my hair done.

The colour was kept for 15-20 mins and then I was taken for hair-wash. Now this was the most tiring part. The entire washing and removing foils was a task in itself and took almost half an hour. Here also, Schwarzkopf colour save shampoo and conditioner were used.

After washing came the drying and styling part. While Vaid was drying my hair, I could see the golden highlights and was quite ecstatic J this look was different from my earlier style. For the haircut, Vaid gave me some great front bangs and bit of layers in the length as I had strictly instructed him not to reduce the length.

Once my makeover was done, I was getting complements from the entire salon staff especially for the way the highlights and base were blending in.

My hair till now, have an awesome shine in them and look super-lusturous. I loved loved loved the end result, much better than my earlier tryst with loreal majirel. Majirel range has the colour but they tend to look dry and also don’t have the shine which these Schwarzkopf colours have. Personally, i found Schwarzkopf better and would any day recommend it.

I would recommend Lakme, Vasant Vihar to everyone living in south delhi. Vaid is actually quite good in his work and best part is that he listens to all your needs patiently and is not pushy about things. As far as I am concerned, I am in love with my new hair look these days. Infact my boyfriend, who is very skeptical towards hair colours, etc thinking they damage the hair, complemented me this time, saying my hair look shinier than before. The salon and staff get a big Thumbs Up from me.

Price of Hair Color at Lakme Salon: Rs.6500 (for shoulder length hair), Rs.8000-9000 (for longer hair)

And now a surprise!! VNA is giving one of its readers a free show stopper hair makeover at Lakme Salon (choose a hair cut and hair colour according to your taste). To participate:

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3. Comment below and tell us why you think hair is fashion.

We will pick the most creative answer as the winner and announce it on our facebook page after 5th March 2015. Don’t forget to leave your details below so we can contact you. Giveaway open to Indian residents only. 

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  • You look so pretty Monica!
    The highlights compliment you quite well :)

    • thanks Lisha!!!! its great to get a complement from someone who's a style icon in herself....:)

  • This looks so gorgeous! I have waist length hair and this will cost a bomb for me, LOL

  • the final effect so lovely and you look like a doll indeed...
    Btw, here's my entry for the contest :

    I think and believe that Hair is fashion indeed. Just a simple cut here, a highlight there, a curl on this side or some bangs on the other.... and you turn fashionable indeed. All you need to look like a diva is just twist,turn or make your hair... and girl! you are here...

    my follow and share details :
    FB : Tarannum Nainkamal Manjul
    Instagram : just_tarry
    Twitter : tarannum_manjul
    email id :

    fingers crossed

  • Hey Monica, loving your hair makeover! The subtle highlights and curls at ends of hair looks so glamorous and picture perfect!
    I think #HairIsFashion as just a simple change in hairstyle or hair color can drastically change the way a person looks! I used to have a simple shaped cut which never looked very alluring but was a safe option during my school days. Then one fine day, the parlour woman suggested that I go for a newer style. On an impulse, I went through with it and till date I think it was one of the best (fashion) decision I ever made! It made me look like a hundred times better and prettier than my previous hairdo. This made my confidence soar which helped me a lot all though the rest of my school life! And this was years before hair coloring and streaks came to the picture! Now that I am to embark on a new journey (going to start working soon) I again need a good confidence boost to cope up with changes in my life and a hair styling session would do just that!!
    Completed all the steps for the giveaway!!!
    Fingers crossed!
    Saachi Garg.

  • Oh wow, the hair makeover just blew me away. I'd so love to have hair like that <3 - <3


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