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Review: Hair Spa with Wella SP Luxe Oil Collection at Affinity Salon

wella sp luxe oil hair spa experience affinity salon delhi

Till a couple of years back I didn’t even know hair spa services at salons exist. To me hair spa meant putting your head in a barrel of rich coconut oil on saturday nigths and sporting the ugly (and oily) duckling look the whole next day and emptying bottles and bottles of shampoos to get it outta my hair. Hello luscious monday morning hair! But uggh the whole process is cumbersome and you have to shut yourself from public view the whole weekend. Hail hair spa salons! I was invited by the Wella team to experience their new System Professional Luxe Oil Collection which consists of a Keratin Oil, Protection Spray, Protection Shampoo, Keratin Restore Mask and Keratin Boost Essence.

The salon is Affinity Salon, GK, M-Block, Delhi. I chose this one because..well you can’t deny a trip to GK to check out all those street shops and some bargains they offer. My appointment was booked in advance. Let me take you through my experience:

affinity salon hair spa head wash

Step 1: Hair Wash! I knew they would wash my hair anyway so I didn’t bother at home and took my bad hair along.

wella sp luxe oil collection hair spa tre atment

Step 2: A mixture using the SP Keratin Restore Mask and 2-3 pumps of Luxe Oil was prepared and applied on my damp hair. He made sections in my hair and covered all of my hair leaving the roots. That thing took out all my tangles without any brushing. Yup.

hair steam during hair spa

Step 3: Steam..my favourite part! I love those big funky steamers which cover your head but they had this robot like steamer. It actually looked like a robot holding his hand out to me my hair! The mask was kept on my hair for around 20 minutes.

hair spa in delhi salon reviews

If you are going for at home spa then you can use a hot towel. Just put a damp towel in the microwave for 15 seconds to make one. Or dip your towel in hot water and squeeze out excess water out of it and then wrap your hair in it.

head massage delhi affinity salon photo

Step 4: Shampoo again and a gentle head massage

hair blow dry affinity salon gk

Step 5: BLOW DRY! I love it when people blow dry my hair and I’m sitting idle and getting pampered. And the more the better!

indian beauty blog vanitynoapologies

Work in progress..

anshita juneja vna getting hair spa


hair spa final look long hair wella products

And here is the final look. I love how healthy and glossy they looked after it. Yes I need a hair cut I know..soon soon. There are some people in my life who I have to convince or they won’t talk to me!

hair spa at salon before after photos

A before – after shot for you

best indian beauty blogger

I left home almost naked that day (girls you know what I mean here) because I had a facial appointment booked the same morning and it got cancelled at the last minute and I was left makeup less the whole day. Sucks.

wella sp luxe oil collection review price hair spa at home

The stars of the show – Wella System Professional Luxe Oil (which is said to have Argan oil in it) and Keratin Restore Hair Mask. I have not seen them online in India yet. The international shopping websites stocks the Luxe collection. Or you can buy it from the Affinity salons.

affinity salon gk south delhi review

And that’s your truly once more. Overall I loved the whole pampering session. The spa effects stayed on my hair till the next two washes. You can check my previous Kerastase Hair Spa review.

PS- My attendant seems to be inspired by Ranvir Singh’s luscious curvy mustaches..just saying!

33 thoughts on “Review: Hair Spa with Wella SP Luxe Oil Collection at Affinity Salon”

  1. Woah that looks soooo gorgeous!

    Any idea how much would it cost though? I’ve had hair spas quoted at 8-20k for my hair and just can’t bring myself to indulge.

  2. Damn girl.. Your hair looks gorgeous.. <3 <3

    I love how pretty your hair looks.. :O :O

    I am soon going to get my hair done,and you have inspired me to go and get a hair spa as well. :P

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