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RETRO Makeup Look Of the Day!

“Old fashioned” – that’s what people call me! No no I’m a modern girl but when it comes to movies and music I’m an oldie! Once someone said to me “your tastes are so old and boring that they are almost on the verge of being called vintage” and I took it as a compliment (haa!)

I still long for the 90s catroons. Okay I know 90s are not exactly retro but I grew up in that era and I feel a

part of me is always stuck there. Gummy Bears, Dexter’s Lab, Captain Planet, Tiny TV, Recess….raise your hand if you miss them too! *I’m raising my brother’s Buzz Lightyear action figure high up in the air….to infinity and beyonddddd*

Let me tell you a little secret of mine. I’m sure a lot of you are going to unfollow me after reading this. I used to be a………GOVINDA fan! I still dance to “sarkai lo khatiya jaada lage” and “tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera Hero No.1“. I have a thing for meaningless and chammak chhalo songs from the 90s. Oh did I tell you I never get those songs right. I’m horrible when it comes to lyrics! At this point I would like to mention that no I have never listened to this show called “purani jeans” on radio. What’s up with it? Everyone asks me that all the time.

No wonder I’m here doing a post on a retro makeup look.

Makeup products used:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Inglot Cream concealer
L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Forever Pink
Lakme Kohl
L’Oreal Paris Instant Impact liner
L’Oreal Paris lipstick Intense Ruby

(click for review)

I have not used any blush here since the red/maroon lipstick was quite stark itself. I so wish I had retro glasses and a wig to complete the look!

Tell me are you old fashioned somewhere deep inside?

19 thoughts on “RETRO Makeup Look Of the Day!”

  1. That is like my GO-TO look! Love it! And you look so purdy! Tell me you’re wearing lenses, nahi toh am seriously jelly of them big eyes! <3 Seeing tumhara full face after so long! LOL!

  2. You looks like you are wearing circle lens! The eyes look fab and please! Retro is not exactly old fashioned! It’s chic! Even I so enjoy! Anyday, if I am confused about what to wear, retro eyes and lips and I’m set to go!

  3. @nisha no i’n not wearing any lenses! haha i’m glad you thought so! :))

    @vishakha thank uuuu :)

    @shourima thanks shourima :)

  4. @sunaa haha thanks a lot :))

    @nivedita hats off to u girl. ya even i love being this way…..call it whatever!

    @colors of my life awww thanks a lot :)


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