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Starlets On Streets: Little Red Riding Hood

Its been only a fortnight in the new college and I have already clicked a dozen pictures. I’m literally stalking the best dressed people in college. And not just fashion, I’m always being called to click group pics and record “ragging

” videos. I’m kinda the unofficial photographer of our class now.

But this I didn’t have to hide behind a tree and click pathetic pictures…..what a relief! Today I’m featuring Saniya, one of the few good friends I’ve made in college. And one of the best dressed in college. We have such similar tastes that most of the time we are like “you too? mai bhi! ” Yesterday she wore a red tunic to college and paired it with a red hand bag and floral sandals. I love those shoes!! She was literally painting the town college red! This time I requested (read forced) her to pose for the blog and this is the outcome.

red handbag
studded watch
floral shoes

Isn’t she a starlet? She is a very private person btw. She doesn’t facebook or tweet but she posed for me. Thanks San!

Look out for more college and street starlets ;)

9 thoughts on “Starlets On Streets: Little Red Riding Hood”

  1. How sweet of your friend to pose and aptly said she is a starlet. I love what she is wearing!!! where did she get that top. it’s brilliant!


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