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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Review, How to Use


Review, How to Use, Dupes, Price, Buy Online Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge

Different people have different notions about makeup and the techniques how they choose to go about it. Some people are too keen on perfecting their eye makeup while some people are all about that bold lip. I feel if the base is perfect, everything else becomes perfect quite automatically. Because I’m so much into different base products and makeup tools, I always try new base products in India. For applying my foundation, I swear by RT expert face brush but when I spotted this real techniques miracle complexion sponge at a store, I knew soon the things would change. And boy, have they changed! Presenting my review on the popular beauty blender sponge dupe.

Real techniques makeup sponge, popularly known as the miracle complexion sponge has absolutely transformed my base makeup game. I absolutely love its results and even before I start on with its review, I would like to say, if you spot it anywhere, buy it without any second thoughts. You won’t be disappointed at all.


My review of Real Techniques Makeup Sponge:

It wasn’t long ago that I bought my first real techniques makeup brush and became obsessed with it in no time. Real techniques by Sam and Nic Chapman is a world- renowned brand and they make some of the best makeup brushed in the world. If you own a real techniques brush, you would know that it is an absolute delight to apply makeup with one of these brushes and whatever you say about these brushes is less; they’re absolutely great. So after using the brush, it only made sense given my love for makeup tools that I give Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge a try too.

I spotted this makeup sponge at a store in Delhi and my heart did a happy dance finding it at quite an affordable price (yes, INR 800 is affordable when you compare it with the cult-classic Beauty Blender makeup sponge and note that these two are practically prefect dupes for each other). Now I hadn’t used any makeup sponge before this one but reading all its reviews online made me sure of one thing- that I wont be disappointed if I buy it. this makeup sponge is soft yet firm.


How to use a makeup sponge:

This makeup sponge is supposed to be used damp. So I generally run the RT makeup sponge under cold water, give it a good squeeze to get the excess water out and then pat it slightly with some foundation/ bb cream. What the beauty blender dupe basically does is, it gives a natural finish and does not make the base look cakey because it kind of mixes the base with water. When mixed with water, the base obviously goes on light but it still gives medium coverage. I can build up the foundation however much that I want and it still does not look cakey on me.

This makeup sponge has three different sides:

The flat side is perfect for areas such as neck, forehead etc.

The curved sides are great for applying the base on the cheeks.

And finally, the pointed side is perfect for applying the base in difficult-to-cover areas such as under the eyes or the corners of the nose.

The miracle complexion sponge has been designed with utmost perfection and it can be seen in the results it gives. Although this sponge works best for applying base makeup, you can also apply cream blush and highlighter with it. This beauty sponge does a great job at blending all the makeup and gives a flawless finish in literally seconds.


Pros of Real Techniques miracle Complexion Sponge:

  • For the quality, I feel it is very affordably priced. Even though you get it at a hiked price in India, it is still worth it to pay this much amount on such a great makeup sponge
  • Best dupe available for the Beauty Blender
  • Blends makeup easily and gives a flawless finish
  • Has different sides for applying base in different areas of the face. Best part is the pointed edge that works great with applying makeup in the under-eye area.
  • This makeup sponge does not absorb too much of your foundation or bb cream, thereby avoiding wastage of product.
  • Works great with application of any and every liquid/ cream based makeup product
  • The base goes on very light in weight with this sponge but can easily be built up.
  • You can easily find it online now

Cons of Real Techniques miracle Complexion Sponge:

  • Still not available otherwise than online in India
  • It definitely takes some getting used to before you can get that flawless finish in seconds with the help of this makeup sponge


Price in India: Rs.800 at a store in Delhi (you may get it cheaper online)

Where to Buy Online in India: nykaa.com

VNA Rating: 4.9/5 (yes! You read that right!!)

Conclusion: if you have trouble applying makeup with a makeup brush, trust me this makeup sponge is going to be your next best friend. It gives a flawless finish and gives your skin a “my skin but better” look. It works great with all kinds of cream/ liquid based products and is available at a much cheaper price than its counterpart, the iconic Beauty Blender. What more can a girl want?

By Contributor: Trisha

Have you used Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge? Share your reviews with us.

25 thoughts on “Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Review, How to Use”

  1. Great review Trisha!! I have been eyeing on this sponge since forever but it is so overpriced if you wanna get it in India :( So waiting for some friend who would be coming back from the US !!

  2. I have always used my hands to blend foundation and concealer.I thought of buying a beauty blender but it’s price is quite a problem for me.I hope this works as well as that ,i am gonna try it soon.Thanks!

  3. The makeup sponge does sound nice. And the price is quite cheap compared to the beauty blender. In fact, today I was checking online for beauty blender, and this RT versions is just at fraction of the cost.

  4. I tried using the sponge with kryolan dermacolor it was such a fail.. besides that a lot of product is soaked up ..I have lots of blemishes on my skin it didn’t help to come them at all


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