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Real Techniques Blush Brush: Review and Price


Review and Price of Blush Brush by Real Techniques Samantha Chapman

By Contributor: Aditi

Genreally what happens is that I ask anshu that whether I should review a particular product. She answers depending on whether there is a review about it on VNA already. Now this time that I sent ansh a pic of my real techniques haul and coincidently she hauled RT brushes as well! That meant she wanted to review the blush brush herself but I insisted that I review it puhleez! Contributors here are so enthusiastic and fast that I myself don’t get a chance because they get reviewed before you think. But I was like plz let me review it and then we finally settled that I will review my favourite Samantha Chapman brush. The cutest and the one I had waited for the most, so after this rambling, this review is about the real techniques blush brush.      


My Review:

Well lets take a minute in awe of this pink poodle brush. It is soooo beautiful, the metallic pink and the matte black packaging,its like the perfect combo (and a little cheat here this brush attracts me soo much that even when its not used for applying any product I take it and run around my cheeks, I am sounding like a complete nut case right, but believe me these bristles are utter soft)

Another great thing that I like about this RT brush is that it stands on its base. I know its not a big deal as such but for me that’s really fascinating as mostly brushes come with a rounded base but this has a flat base and it stands. Its easier when you are doing your makeup your brush bristles don’t roll down on the floor or table top and hence catch less germs. Anything than can be sanitized even a tiny bit is a cool idea for us.

The bristles they r so so so so sosososososososososososo soft and there is no streaky finish. It has a unique shape as I haven’t seen in any other brush. Plus the bristles are not ordinary synthetic bristles, these are the taclon bristles that makes the application extra soft and easy. Plus is great for blending and gives an airbrushed pixel perfect finish even in harsh lights.

The handle of the brush is thick and gives a good grip to the hands, though this brush feels a little heavy maybe because of the extra rubberized material towards the flatter bottom of the brush but that is no issue for me. I like the feel it gives on the hands.

Also I like that that on each of its brush RT has written the name of the brush or the product for which it can be used like the blush brush or the setting brush that would make things easier for makeup beginners but at the same time naming the brush doesn’t limit you to use it only for that particular area, you can use it as you please.

As for me this blush brush is a little too big to apply blushes as I have really tiny cheek bones. The area where blush looks appropriate on my face is very small and for that this brush is a little too big. Also I’m almost a no blush person, so I use this fluffy brush for application of setting powder. It has a pointed tapered dome shaped top so its easy to precisely apply powder under the eyes.


Pros of Real Techniques Blush Brush:

  • Ultra fine bristles
  • Very soft in texture
  • Blends product to give airbrushed finish
  • Taclon bristles pick up the product really well
  • As the bristles are synthetic so good for people like me with super sensitive skin who get irritated by natural hair
  • Beautiful packaging and sturdy material
  • No fall out of bristles
  • Blissful on the pocket

Cons of Real Techniques Blush Brush:

  • Availability in India (though the realtechniques official website now ships worldwide with only $3.99 as shipping, can also be stalked at iherb.com with customs attached)
  • The brush a bit too big for blush application on small faces.


Price: $10

VNA Rating: 5/5

Have you tried Real Techniques Samantha Chapman Blush Brush? Share your views with us.

19 thoughts on “Real Techniques Blush Brush: Review and Price”

  1. Woah, what a coincidence! I just attended a workshop by Elton Fernandez and he recommended Real Techniques brushes so much that I was just about to order some for myself! For Mumbai girls, These brushes are easily available at ‘Beautiful’ in Khar. I can’t wait to get this now.

    • Hi swathi,
      it is a must have they are sooo soft
      also u can buy the setting brush from rt..
      it is such a multi tasker
      u can use it to contour, blend concealer, set your under eye

  2. I need two reviews
    1) real technique powder brush
    2) lakme 9 to 5 frosties nai polish
    Please try to do these reviews

    • Hi ayesha.. surely we will try to serve ur request asap
      as far as rt brushes goes.. all of those are awesome undoubtedly
      the powder brush is indeed really good.. but I just I find it to be a little to huge in size.. you can totaly use this blush to powder your face all over


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