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Reader Query- How to hide lip pigmentation with makeup?

Neha asks “I have very pigmented lips and it’s difficult for me to easily choose lipsticks without having to try a million on before I find the perfect color to show up the way I want. I was wondering if there is any product out there that can wash my lips out so that the natural pigment of my lips doesn’t effect the true color of the lipstick/lipgloss?”

Hi Neha,
I’ve the same problem as yours. I’ve tried using a foundation/concealer as a base and use a lipstick/lipgloss on top then the concealer clumps which is not a pretty sight at all. What you can do is use a nude lip liner such as Mac Cork and fill in your lips which will erase your lip color and then use the lippie you want.


Use Mac Lip Erase as a base. It is available in two colors-Pale and Dim. Pale is lighter whereas Dim is darker which would suit us Indians. It erases your lip color without washing you out, doesnt settlles in the lines and is non drying. However, I’ve not used it personally though. Its only available in Mac Pro store but you can get it online.

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  1. I usually go in the sunny for work purpose and since I have a darker skin tone, they leave behind dark spots for a long time. This dermalmd is a fantastic and necessary addition to my face. I am excited to see what happens with continued use!!!


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