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College Fresher’s Shopping & Random Trial Room Clicks

polka dot dress
polka dot peplum dress
This is what happens when you get obsessed with your own blog. I click photos everywhere…..classrooms, canteen, metro, roads, malls and the latest..TRIAL ROOMS!!
Trust me I’ve always been camera shy and never really liked being in front of the camera. Click me without telling me and I will give dhinchak shots but say cheeeeese and there goes

what could have been a perfect shot! But the blog is really changing me!

My college freshers is this Saturday and….chance to get another dress. But ugggh my recent weight gain. All the fat goes to my stomach! Why lord why? Usually I get my perfect fit in size small. Now with the tummy, I could really fit into S sizes and the medium sizes were a tad bit longer. There were a zillion dresses I fell for but all of them were either too tight or too long. PARADOX!
Yours truly is a bundle of diasters. I tried on THE dress (which I actually ended up buying) and the s ituation was someting like this:
why you so tight?
ooh you wanna fight.
come on fight!
I was determined to wear it but it just wasn’t going below my neck and then I heard a tearing sound and the price tag came out flying. Scared I still went ahead with the dress and somehow managed to wear it. I later realised there was a zipper on the side! What I’m sure it must have happened with you too. What? No? Oh well…..
Let me show you what all I loved and tried:
orange dress
tangerine orange dress

Tangerine dress: The COLOUR!! But there was nothing special other than that. Plus it was too loose.
Where to get: Lifestyle

princess dress
silver black english princess dress
The English dress: Its something which the Duchess of Cambridge will probably wear. Why I rejected it? It was too long for me.
Where to get: Local boutique
red dress
short red peplum dress

The Charlize Theron dress: You remember the MTV red carpet post I wrote last week? Charlize Theron wore a dress very similar to this one. Her’s was off shoulder and a bit longer than mine. I fell for this dress just by looking at it! I don’t even mind that I look fat in it. It was red. It was peplum. But it was too short for a college party so had to reject it. You see my mom in the pic? She didn’t let me buy it!
Where to get : Local boutique

nude dress
lace nude beige dress

The Lace Nude dress: You know my love for everything nude (haha it sounds so pervertic! is that a word?) The dress is classy, simple, sophisticated, lacy. What’s there not to love?
Where to get: Lifestyle

green dress
cocktail green dress

Green dress: I loved the colour. Would have made me look different in a sea of blacks and more blacks. But the dress had a very weird problem. It fit m waist down but was a LOT loose above it. I’m holding it here by standing against the wall for the sake of the photo. But the dress really required a girl to have size 48 bust to fit!
Where to get

: Local boutique

blue dress
electric blue dress

Electric Blue dress: Again too loose!
Where to get: Local boutique

Oh btw I’m not wearing those leggings to the party. Its just I was wearing kurtis on all those days.
Tip: Avoid wearing jeans when you know you will be required to change a lot of times!

Which one is your favourite? Any guesses which one I bought?
Answer in the next post!

25 thoughts on “College Fresher’s Shopping & Random Trial Room Clicks”

  1. The princess dress! Girl get the length altered. Its so classy! The peplum dress is gorgeous too!

  2. hey which is the local boutiques you tried the dresses ? it seems like the ones in that daunty kamla nagar lane?? I loved the red peplum one and the english dress….
    I guess you either the polka dotted one or the nude lace dress( it looks great on you)

  3. tangerine orange(loose but lovely colour) and the nude lace one were the ones i liked on you best. the grey peplum kinda dress wasn’t that bad either. I loved this post, please do more like these :)

  4. the white one with polka dots??? i like the green one-too bad it doesn’t fit u well….the nude dress is pretty but ur tummy is showing!!

  5. @Bhumika dey were my fav too. yes ;)

    @tannima replied to ur message :)

    @all.things.pretty yeah but they said it requires some special thread n machine to get it altered :(


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