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Ralph Lauren Launches The Big Pony Collection For Women

Contemporary life is an exciting, colorful multi-dimensional adventure for a confident young woman. She can no longer be defined by a single aspect of her life. Ralph Lauren celebrates her many facets and accomplishments with The Big Pony Collection for Women, a series of four fragrances embracing dynamic femininity. A new generation of women is leading the way and they now have a fragrance collection to call their own.

Scent is an essential accessory for all of the roles a woman plays. The Big Pony Collection for Women explores four of her vital attributes; Sporty, Sensual, Free-Spirit and Style. Today’s woman should have a fragrance wardrobe to match her multitude of passions and achievements. She coordinates her fashion according to mood and occasion; now she can choose a scent to compliment her every desire.

All four colorful fragrances are bright, playful and energizing, and set upon a floral backdrop, yet each expresses a clear point of view. Based on a duo of ingredients, each fragrance pops with a unique accent of Citrus, Fruit, Green or Oriental to establish a clear identity with a distinctive twist.

The Sporty Fragrance. Catch her if you can. This Floral Citrus scent features Grapefruit & Blue Lotus for a vibrant, energetic fragrance that evokes confidence and energy while awakening the senses. Confident and fearless, the sporty woman is a natural born leader and ready to take on the world. The sleek blue bottle features a yellow oversized polo pony icon opposite a bold green number 1.

The Sensual Fragrance. A Floriental Fruity with the key ingredients of Cranberry & Tonka Mousse, this fragrance is for an alluring flirt with a romantic spirit. Playful and irresistible, this modern woman follows her heart…and she just might break yours. The eye-catching pink bottle is complemented by a green oversized polo pony icon opposite a cool blue number 2.

The Free-Spirited Fragrance. Eccentric, rebellious and independent, this Floral Green fragrance highlights Pear & Mimosa. The crisp, bright scent represents ultimate optimism and natural feminine radiance for a woman who dances to the beat of her own drum. Set upon a luminous yellow bottle, the oversized blue polo pony icon contrasts with a bold, orange number 3.

The Stylish Fragrance. Edgy and refined, with a flair for the exotic, this Oriental Floral contains key ingredients of Wild Cherry & Purple Amber. Designed for the stylish woman, she catches the eye and imagination of anyone who crosses her path. This purple bottle features a pink oversized polo pony opposite a striking yellow number 4.

The duo structure of The Big Pony Collection for Women is a new and exceptional way to build fragrance. The construction is clear and distinctive, while playing with lively ingredients. The simple lean, translucent and modernized flask bottles of The Big Pony Collection for Women are infused with vibrant and lush ultra-feminine color, contrasting with vivid oversized polo pony icons and individual numbers – assigned according to scent and personality.

A woman’s opportunity to express her character is critical in today’s emerging social values. These four new fragrances give every young woman the chance to live a colorful life and demonstrate all facets of her femininity with a vibrant repertoire of scents. Now she has the fragrances to enhance experiences, compliment her style and inspire her passions with The Big Pony Collection for Women.

Here is a fun quiz if you want to know which fragrance are you among the four: http://www.lifeincolorquiz.com/

Prices: 50ml- Rs. 2900 & 100ml- Rs.4100.
Available at all leading department stores and perfumeries across India.

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