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Quick and Fresh College Ready Makeup Looks – Elle 18 Winners

I know I got a little late but honestly with the holidays going on..I got super lazy and ignored VNA completely! Before I post a pile of Mac, Inglot and Bobbi Brown swatches I collected this weekend, let me announce the Week 2 winners of the Elle 18 Contest. I got tons of entries for week 2 so I decided to post only the winning entries (yes I’m lazy!). Here are the two winners:

quick makeup look glossy lips
fresh makeup and glossy lips

Products Used:
Maybelline BB Stick in Radiance
Konad eyebrow pencil in light brown
Maybelline colossal volum express mascara
Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin
Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry

quick eye makeup
eye tightlining

This is the makeup look that I go for when in hurry. I wanted to look fresh and awake without much fuss. I started with the Maybelline BB Stick, not all over the face but just for highlighting. Used the konad eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas, it really makes a lot of difference. Went ahead with the mascara and tried to concentrate on the roots of my lashes because I didn’t want to use a liner to accentuate my eyes. Then I used the blush and lip balm to add some colour to my face. I kept the whole thing light and breathable. I simply wanted to look naturally enhanced.


Winner 2: Sonal

fresh makeup look


kohl eyes indian blog


Products used:-
Mac smolder eye kohl
Oriflame – ever lasting foundation (porcelain)
Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Pressed Powder


Diamonds are girls best friends! Ya that’s true upto some extent but make up is above all diamonds and golds. Because a girl can go anywhere without her diamonds and golds but not make up. Make up is every girl’s best friend.
We girls have a habit of standing in front of mirrors for long hours and doing make up and still feeling ” yaar kuch toh reh gya”.
Every girl dreams to be the most popular be in her college. And feels like getting attention from everyone. Beautiful dress, a sexy pair of wedges, elegant bag and the most important “make up jo na lage made up”.
But when its time to go to college early morning, uff!! Hate it.. You know lazy mornings and getting up late, not having enough time to stand infront of mirror and adore yourself : (
GETTING LATE! And dont have much time to get ready and then just doing everything in a hurry. And I cant think of going to college without make up no way.
 So here are some easy steps to look glamorous by applying make up in just 5 minutes and go to your college and catch everyone’s attention. Oh yeah!


1. Apply foundation first, take a little amount of it and apply it evenly on face and neck. I used Oriflame – ever lasting foundation (porcelain). Do not forget to apply foundation on neck as its a part of your face otherwise it looks so bad.
2. After it, apply compact powder, it will make your skin look fresh. Its a kind of magical ingredient added in your make up. I used Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Pressed Powder.
3. Then, apply kohl to your eyes. After applying it smudge it a little to give that smokey eye effect. I used Mac smolder eye kohl.
4. Apply mascara, its a secret to longer lash. I used Oriflame power curl mascara
5. After that apply blusher. A touch of right blush can brighten your face and make any make up look even prettier. I used  Maybelline cheeky glow- fresh coral
6. Lastly, and the most important apply lipstick. Its like a showstopper to your make up. It adds up the spice to the face. I used  Colorbar obsessed orange.
This is all and you are done in just 5 mins.. Wuhoo!! :)

Congratulations!! Both of you have won Elle 18 makeup hampers. Send me a mail asap with all the details.

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