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Punjabi – Baniya Revelation And A Night of Red Wines And Brownies

studio 169

Anniversary aap logo ki hai ya uncle-aunty ki!“. That’s what my brother said when Mom and I were getting ready last evening. It was my parent’s close friends’ (who I call chachu-chachi) 25th wedding anniversary. So they threw a small party for close friends and family. The party was at 9pm at Studio 169, Moments Mall in Kirti Nagar. So obviously we decided to leave at 10pm.

I swear I went to bath at 8 and was fully ready at 9 30. Just 1.5 hrs which included a quick shower, shampoo, blow dry, ironing the outfit, makeup, mom’s makeup and clicking some pics…..which is NOT bad given my record.

studio 169
Studio 169, Mo ments Mall Kirti Nagar

I’m usually under dressed (and I call myself a punjabi) for such occassions. So over dressed that when I reached at my cousin’s engagement wearing this Indian outfit

, the first person who saw me (bhabhi) said “bahut simple lag rhi hai“. It was a day event!! So I expected everybody to turn up like that but noooooo my punjabi family doesn’t care.

So this time when my mom suggested I wear the beige dress I wore on my college freshers, I told her dresses are for guests and being a close friend of the family I must wear something dressy and more Indian. And when I entered the venue, girls in short peppy dresses were swarming everywhere. It was a cultural shock…..given they are baniyas  (guptas) who are known to dress up in bling from head to toe. For the first time in my life, I was over dressed!

nude pumps
my nude beige pumps

I wore these nude pumps. I got them online and now when I think of the site I can’t remember it. If anybody wants to know I can check. They costed me some 1500 bucks only. Bargain na!

nude shoes inda
nude shoes


Oh well yeah this is your beauty blogger! Neon orange lips (my favourite matte orange lipstick + my favourite orange gloss), neutral eyes (Maybelline Chai Latte quad) and highlighter + blush pearls on cheeks.

indian beauty blogs
makeup for the day – indian beauty blogger

I saw a brownie on somebody’s table and that was it! I had to get it. I searched the whole place and there in the corner was this little spongy brown wonder. Other than that I had spring rolls, chilly potatoes, pakodas, manchurian, noodles, dal makhani, naan…..oh wait why am I telling you all this?

brownie cake
brownie cake

We brought this Merlot red wine from Four Seasons along. I guess that made for a perfect gift since there was no wine at the party! So we opened it there only and it complimented our spicy main course. The colour is rich ruby red with a taste of ripe plums and grapes. It improves with time when you let it sit in your mouth for sometime. I’m more of a wine virgin but I’ve tasted a few so I hope what I’m saying makes some sense to other wine virgins! Last evening was my introduction to red wines.

four seasons wine
Four Seasons red wine

Btw Four Seasons makes some of the best affordable wines. I never knew you could get a wine in just Rs.600! I’m now gifting wines only….the handbag I was considering to gift the lady would have costed a bomb! Add this to your list of gifting ideas.

red wine
Merlot red wine

 This was the empty mall at midnight. Eerieeeeee…..

moments mall
Moments mall, kirti nagar
the brew master
The Brew Master at Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar

 Some sweet porn for you!

bikanervala sweets
Bikanervala sweets


This box of calories is happily lying beside me as I write this post unaware of the fact its gathering some publicity. We are not on talking terms right now. It was fun while it lasted but we gotta move on to better things (read moti choor ke laddoo) in life.

kaju dodha
kaju ki barfi, dodha barfi


This is what bloggers do…..make a post out of everything!.

PS – some of the pics are from my phone camera, sorry.

15 thoughts on “Punjabi – Baniya Revelation And A Night of Red Wines And Brownies”

  1. Exactly! Baniyas are going all modern and western, dude! :P
    Gone are the times when their bahus would keep their heads covered with ghoonghat 24×7.. Enter the modern baniya bahu who shops at Ambience and Select City malls, wears coloured pants and tunics and carries an LV bag (straight from Bangkok) and ofcourse, wears Chanel ke Goggles B-)

    • honestlt i expected the bahus to turn up in ghungats but no they surprised me. Even thats what we were discussing in the part too. hey anonymous, comment often :)

  2. So beautifully written Ansh!! Hahahahhaa!! That wasa shock indeed. This had happened to me once as well!! I normally avoid anything blingy. Normally Bengali weddings are all glitter and glam. So, went to a friend’s sister’s wedding and evevryone ( almost) was wearing plain cotton sarees with minimum accessoriez! You can only imgaine my embarrassment!! I felt I was comteting with the bride!!!

    The pumps look awesome!! And the food… you did it on purpose lady so that that I reach out for some sweets rightaway!!! ( which I am doing btw)

    • hahaha it gets so awkward na with every one staring at you!
      *evil* get some na..you aren’t on a diet, are you?

  3. Getting ready in that much time is actually commendable. Also Chai Latte is still available!!?! It was my favorite quad then Maybelline stopped making it.. Where did you get it from?

  4. Funny as hell ! and I can so relate to it. I’m a Rajput married to a Gupta- need I say more? But interestingly, while it’s all going hep with what you’ve called “short peppy dresses” the bling is yet to go out. After al,l money can allow you to shop at Ambi and Select City, buy you LV ( as someone has pointed out above) but a classy sense of dressing up? Nah..sadly money doesn’t get you that !

  5. Yar m too a baniya.. but we aren’t like those… I do wear shorts and tops… nothing like that.. Loved your pumps

  6. my gf is a baniya and i am thet punjabi, i keep on teasing her and was finding some funny post to tease her.. nice anshita..


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