Preview and Swatches of Colorbar Pout In A Pot Lipcolor: Rosa Petal, Fable Pink, Coral Slash, Ange Rose, Rhythmic Pink, Tricky Orange

Colorbar Pout In A Pot Lipcolor Preview and Swatches

Once again, Agent Anshita to your rescue! Colorbar recently revamped its popular lip pots with a fancy packaging and more fancy name – Pout In A Pot! Not just this, Colorbar also launched a lip primer, makeup fixing spray, makeup remover and face illuminator. More on them at the end of the post. But before the reviews start flowing, let me show you the pretty shades these lipglosses/lipcolors

come in. There are a total of 8 shades but I could only find 6: Coral Slash, Ange Rose, Rhythmic Pink, Tricky Orange, Rosa Petal, Fable Pink. The ones I could not swatch are Charming Pink and Tan Me Brown. If I didn’t dislike using lip brushes, I would have bought Tricky Orange! Let’s look at the swatches.

What Colorbar says about the product :

Pout in a pot is a lip paint collection of supremely sumptuous colors. Now pamper your lips with the deliciously syrup lip color, cushiony and wet it optically plumps your lips for such a sexy plushy pout you’ll become addicted to. Surprisingly comfortable and emollient, it soothes your smile all day long.

The collection comes in 8 striking colors that are perfect from day time gleam to night time glam.

colorbar pout in a pot lipcolor swatches

The shades:

Ange Rose: is a warm pink plum shade. Very fall appropriate if you coordinate your lipcolors with seasons

Coral Slash: a warm coral. Love!

Fable Pink: a pink nude brown shade

Tricky Orange: bright neon orange with yellow tones

colorbar pout in a pot lipcolor swatches

Rhythmic Pink: a nude brown shade

Rosa Petal: a blue based red shade

colorbar pout in a pot lipcolor

Overall I like all the shades and its hard to pick a favourite. What I like is the variety of colour spectrum and there is something for everyone. But I still wish they had included a bright pink in it. A lipgloss range without pink feels incomplete. They do have Charming Pink but its more of a coral pink than true pink.

To recap..Tricky Orange, Rosa Petal, Fable Pink, Ange Rose, Rhythmic Pink, Charming Pink and Tan Me Brown are the shades launched with this range.

Preview of Pout In A Pot Lipcolor:

  • Very pigmented. The swatches you see are one swipes.
  • The texture is creamy
  • The finish is quite glossy. The pigmentation is like lipsticks and the texture and finish is like lipglosses
  • Long lasting. The stain was so hard to remove.
colorbar pout in a pot lipcolor swatches: rosa petal, fable pink, coral slash, ange rose, rhythmic pink, tricky orange

Other than these Pout in a Pot Lipcolors, I so want to buy the face illuminator they have launched. Its priced around 800 bucks and is a liquid highlighter. It has a pink tint which I don’t like and that is what stopping me (for now). I also want the face mist or the makeup spray but its priced like Mac Fix+ so why should one buy Colorbar! I also like the lip primer which is meant for pigmented lips but I’m not sure if it would cover the pigmentation because its clear gel. So these are the thoughts that buzz in my head when I pass a Colorbar counter.

Price of Colorbar Pout In A Pot Lipcolor: Rs.550

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