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PrettySecrets Review and Shopping Haul

prettysecrets online lingerie shopping experience

PrettySecrets.com Review and Lingerie Haul

This is one of those posts where I make half a dozen drafts and still nothing looks good enough to be published. I also changed the title so many times and wrote “shopping haul” instead of “lingerie haul” because I didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention from the guys. I’m still pretty sure a lot of uncles will still land up on this page. *sigh* This is one of the many hauls I did in December for you know..winter shopping, christmas shopping, JLT shopping, I-feel-so-bored shopping, omg-I-can’t-stop-my-hands shopping. Since lingerie shopping is always quite a hush hush topic among the Indian beauty and fashion bloggers so I thought of starting with this only.

I’ve shopped a LOT of lingerie online..you know the hassles of stores. You can’t ask the guys there for “bhaiya push up chahiye” “isme underwire hai kya?” And this is my second shopping haul from prettysecrets.com after my huge birthday haul! And I’ve come to love the website now.

prettysecrets website shopping review
prettysecrets box

This is prettysecrets pink box they send your stuff in. I still had it on my table after almost a month because I had to click the photos! If you read my lingerie woes in this post then you know how I was looking for a silicone bra at a good price. Well I found it! I bagged it for Rs.399 (told you!). I’ve not tried it yet but I’m hoping it will solve the purpose. Its sooooo soft and googly

prettysecrets lingerie haul online shopping
prettysecrets lingerie haul online shopping

Apart from that I found this awesome camouflage bra: Prettysecrets Army Green Camouflage Bra which I super love. I wish they come with a navy print too!! Btw this one fits better than the previous padded ones I got from them. Those are from Amante and costlier. I also finally went ahead a got myself a bra washing basket to take care of all my “pretty” and expensive bras. Although you are supposed to hand wash your lingerie but who has the time..so this bra basket is supposed to keep it safe in the washing machine. I don’t know if its effective but the international bloggers rave about it so let’s see.

prettysecrets lingerie shopping in india online
prettysecrets lingerie shopping

Apart from that I also got 3 hipsters: Prettysecrets Coral Green Lacy Hipster, Navy Polka Hipster, Pink Cupcakes Hipster.

silicone bra experience buy online
silicone bra

I placed my order on 12th Dec and it got delivered on 15th Dec discretely packed in a plastic envelope. You get free shipping on orders above Rs.750.

comofoulage bra bra washing basket review
comofoulage bra and bra washing basket

I like the coral pink theme of their website. And let me confess something today, I was quite inspired by their colour theme while designing my blog last year so much that you can see some hints of it on VNA. Anyhoo so this was my lingerie haul and online shopping experience from PrettySecrets and I totally recommend them.

Have you shopped for lingerie online at PrettySecrets? Share your views with us.

23 thoughts on “PrettySecrets Review and Shopping Haul”

  1. Is it crazy that this is the first time I’m hearing about this site? I prefer trying out my lingerie before buying as its very rare that something fits me well :'( But pretty Secrets looks too tempting to resist :D

  2. even i hate buying lingerie from stores, thats why i shop lingerie from online websites. i have tried Prettysecrets Bras and loved it so much. Now I always buy lingerie from them

  3. This post reminds me about Victoria Secret Shopping … I will definitely check out PrettySecrets.com . Thanks for sharing the review with us.

  4. I so need to try that basket.. so many ladies love it and I need to know if it’s worth the hype. Do update after you have tried it.
    I really prefer shopping for lingerie after trying but this looks tempting.


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