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My Pre Holi Skin and Hair Prep

holi tips

I’m sure you have been reading ‘how to take care of your skin for holi etc etc’ but it never harms to remind yourself each year. I’m sure your moms would be very happy if you follow atleast 5 of them…mine is!


I know many people ask you to apply oil on your face. But this is a suicide mission for oily skin girls. So let’s break it according to skin types.

First wash your face and massage it for 2mins with an ice cube. And then use a toner all over your face. This is to close your pores. And then apply a waterproof sunscreen.

Dry skin girls – you lucky senoritas, all you got to do is apply some olive oil/almond oil/coconut oil on your face andbody and massage it lightly.

Oily and sensitive skin girls – now you are not lucky as those senoritas but you can still add a few drops of above mentioned oils in your regular moisturiser or sunscreen and apply on your face and body. You can also use baby oil.

skin care


Do an oil champi and tie your hair in a bun or braid them. Simple as that.


Don’t wear any contact lenses. Sensible enough.


Apply some oil on your lips too to prevent the colours from settling in the fine lines.


Cut your nails short. Why? Because it would save the other people some scratches and marks when you get them and secondly its good for hygiene with all the mess going around.

Often the colours stain your nail bed and takes ages to go away. So just pain them with a very dark and deep nail polish and after holi just remove it with a regular nail paint remover and the colour will come off.

holi jokes

Experience: Whenever someone catches you and forcibly apply colour on your face then don’t fight or you will get colours in your eyes and mouth. Just keep a calm face and shut your eyes and mouth and let them finish. Saves a lot of trouble!

My brother hates holi..or say is SCARED of holi. So much is the magnitude that he locks himself up in his room on holi. So, I’m sort of planning to surprise my little brother when he wakes up. Let me gather some poster and water colours and I’ll let the creativity flowing through me on his face. *Evil laugh*

UPDATE: He got a whiff of my plans and now plans on staying up the whole night before holi. Well..little broter, nothing a glass of meethi lassi can’t handle.

Have a happy and safe holi everyone! Have loads of fun. Come back later to read how to get those holi colours off you!

4 thoughts on “My Pre Holi Skin and Hair Prep”

  1. Dry skinned people are not lucky Anshita, ask me :'( but I don’t play with colors and stay inside my home so no tension for me but if anyone does so (puts color on me), I’m all prepared with all that champuness as you said oil your face and hair too, happy holi :D have a bash :D


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