Ponds Age Miracle Firm and Lift Full Range: Review, Products, Price

Review, Products, How to Use, Price, Buy Online Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Range: Day Cream, Eye Contour Lifter, Serum Massager

Ageing is inevitable. Therefore the key is to age gracefully and enjoy the journey. Ponds, in addition to the existing Age Miracle line of products in India, has launched an innovative Firm and Lift range that was developed based on various comprehensions from scientists at the Pond’s Institute. It includes the Day Cream Spf 30, Eye contour lifter and serum massager. Today I will review every product of this ponds range in detail, so read on to know my views on them. I’ve mentioned my thoughts on each age miracle product separately and then together as a range.

When we say aging, the things that comes to our mind are wrinkle and fine lines. However, in addition to that, there are problems of sagging and floppy skin around the neck and jawline forming a Y-contour. This is where exactly the Firm & Lift Range promises to work by Reducing sagging by up to 35% with the powerful combination of anti-aging actives and the revolutionary Instant Lift Complex.

Ponds Face & Neck Lifting Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++

Rejuvenate your skin, even as you protect it. When used regularly with Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Targeted Lifting Serum, this Day Cream is clinically proven to lift the skin around your Y-Contour by up to 0.40mm, while providing superior protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

MY Review of Face& Neck Lifting Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++:

The ponds cream comes in a thick translucent glass tub win a shape of a dew drop, accompanied by a red screw lid. The thick glass protects the cream tub from falls and although it has glass packaging, it is still convenient for travel purposes. There a separate lid inside which protects the product from spilling. The ponds age miracle cream is off-white in color which looks white in pictures. The consistency is off a whipped crème but I must say, when you touch it, the fingers literally slip inside as it is so creamy, smooth and light weight. The day cream has two effective ingredients, Polyimide and Lipodipeptide which are known to strengthen and tighten fibers from deep within your skin.

The firm and lift cream blends very easily on the face and a little goes a long way for this product. Initially, you will feel it to be slightly greasy but within few minutes the greasiness disappears and it gives a good hydrated touch to the skin. For oily skin, you can skip the moisturizer if you are applying this. It has SPF 30 which is pretty good for Indian climate along with PA+++ protection and therefore you can take the liberty of skipping sunscreen if you want. Day creams with SPF often cast a white layer on the skin but no such thing happened with this one. It gives a slight pinkish glow to the skin for few hours and fades off. The day cream from ponds neither accentuates the dry areas and nor clogs the pores. Massaging the luxurious cream to the skin does feel good and you would the slightly improvement on the skin as the skin looks visibly smooth with fines lines slightly faded with regular usage.

The tightening of the skin is noticed only when the age miracle cream is used making the skin firm and supple. The staying power is good and the skin remains oil free in winter for around 5-6hours easily and after that it requires a light blotting. I believe the staying power in summer will be slightly less. The price, surprisingly isn’t radically different of age miracle range but it definitely is one of the notable anti-ageing cream in the market.

Pros of Ponds Face & Neck Lifting Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++:

  • Thick glass jar packaging and separator to prevent spilling.
  • Smooth and velvety soft texture of the cream that blends effortlessly.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on skin and settles into a satin hydrated look.
  • It has SPF 30 PA+++
  • Gives a pinkish glow to the skin.
  • Smoothens the pores and fines lines are reduced.
  • Doesn’t accentuates dry areas.
  • Keep the skin oil free for 5-6hours in winters.

Cons of Ponds Face & Neck Lifting Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++:

  • There wasn’t any radical difference in skin firming which, I believe, can only be achieved after we continue to use it for a considerable amount of time.
  • Will not suit very oily skin.

Price in India: Rs.999 for 50g

VNA Rating: 4/5

Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter

Revive the fragile skin around your eyes for a brighter and fresher complexion. Designed with a cooling applicator head for easy application, the Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter targets the skin around your eye contour to firm it up and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle

MY Review of Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter:

The ponds eye cream comes in a thin and long tube with a red screw cap. The tip of the eye cream tube is slant and curved after direct application to the eye area and also gives a cooling sensation. It is extremely travel friendly and light weight. The age miracle eye contour lifter, which requires very little, is white in color with a cream consistency. There is a slightly medicated smell but it is very nominal and fades off in minutes.

Upon massaging the cream with fingers, it hydrates the skin very well especially if you have dry skin. Even if you have oily skin, the cream settles down with a matte look after 10-15mins. The eye contour lifter gives the eye area a cooling effect along with a smoothen skin. The eye area felt extremely hydrated and soft when the firm and lift eye cream was used. However, the contour lifter needs to be applied thrice a day to have a continued effect. Otherwise, the skin goes back to what it was.

There was no radical change in the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles but the skin looked even. The eyes didn’t irritate and became watery as eyes are sensitive and therefore the cream is pretty safe to use.

The firm and lift eye cream was slightly unsatisfactory than others as it only hydrates and nothing much. It doesn’t have SPF as well and therefore you still require a sunscreen to protect the area. For a hydrating eye cream, I felt the price is slightly high.

Pros of Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter:

  • Nice travel friendly packaging.
  • Gives a cooling sensation.
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • Hydrates the area very well.
  • Gives a smooth matte finish in 10-15mins.

Cons of Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter:

  • It made no difference to fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Slightly pricey for the quality.

Price in India: Rs.899 for 15ml

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Serum Massager

Get visibly younger-looking skin, immediately. This fast-acting treatment is clinically proven to lift the skin around your Y-Contour by up to 0.40mm, lifting your jaw and neckline when used regularly with Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Face & Neck Day Cream.

MY Review of Age Miracle Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Serum Massager:

The packaging is as gorgeous as it gets. The ponds serum massager comes in a plush tube with a red cap that shuts with a click. The mouth of the tube has a roller attached for massaging the skin and it comes with a on and off system that needs to activated with a twist. It is the best massaging tube I have come across and it is extremely convenient. The serum roller gives a cooling effect to the skin along with smooth massaging as long you want. In fact, massaging the skin after a whole day’s ordeal feels like a royal treatment to the skin and makes the skin completely relaxed. The ponds serum is transparent in color with a gel consistency. The age miracle formula is extremely light and absorbs into the skin in no time. It gives a cooling sensation which a refreshing fragrance which I adore the most.  The fragrance stays for some time and fades off with a refreshing whiff.

Massaging with the roller is incredibly easy and the best pampering for the facial muscles. Often facial leads to excessive chemical involvement and breakouts and therefore the roller is a great alternative to it. Once the firm and lift serum massager is absorbed by the skin you will feel that the skin is extremely smooth and soft. This is because of the massage that stimulates the blood circulation and makes the skin firm.

The firm and lift serum gives a wonderful matte look to the skin and also hydrates the dry areas. However, the normal to dry skin might still requires a hydrating moisturizer after this. The cooling sensation stays for half an hour and the overall effect of the serum stays for around 3-4hours. It is a wonderful product for the sagging facial muscles and gives a through massage without hurting the skin at all.

Pros of Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Serum Massager:

  • Beautiful packaging with rollers for massage.
  • Serum with gel texture
  • Settles down with a matte look without highlighting the dry areas.
  • Gives a cooling sensation.
  • Refreshing aroma.
  • The massage stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Firms the sagging facial muscles with massage.

Cons of Ponds Age Miracle Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Serum Massager:

  • Normal to dry skin might need a moisturizer after this.

Price in India: Rs.1299 for 25ml

VNA Rating: 5/5

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

VNA Rating: 4/5 (full range)

RECOMMENDATION: the range is definitely recommend for normal to oily skin and each product has its own beauty. The serum is the highly recommended product for everyone among the three.

OVERALL: the Firm & Lift Range is definitely one step ahead of the regular Age Miracle series and some products like the Day cream and Serum turned out very well for the skin. With regular usage it gives the desired results. The eye cream was slightly disappointing compared to the others but overall, for the price it is absolutely worth the quality and deserves a try. All the products are induced with ingredients that helps skin to look firmer and thus you can age gracefully you want.

By Contributor: Sanchita

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  • This range is quite popular! The eye contour lifter looks interesting :) Great post Sanchita :)

  • i have never liked ponds stuff except ponds age miracle...they look no different!

  • I have heard some good review about this range..would love to try this sometime..thanx for the review :)

  • Thank you for the review, it's really helpful! Because this month the line is entering to my country (Indonesia) for the first time and I wonder should buy it or not since they sell in online (and with discount too hehe). I think our weather's country don't have any different so this is probably suitable.

  • I cannot thank you enough for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.


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