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Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses- Review, Photos, My First Brush With Circle Lenses

Shah Rukh Khan is the culprit. He was the one who introduced me to the lenses, remember Baazigar? I must be in primary school I think when I saw these pretty looking objects which could change your eye colour. It was so “in” those days that all my cousins got atleast one pair and since I was not allowed, I would just sigh watching them coordinate their eye colours according to their dresses. Yes dresses. One of my cousins felt pity and let me try them on. Those were grey and I loved how I instantly looked like some man-eater.
Years went but and I forgot everything and just then popped up circle lenses. Now why the name change? Because they could not only change your eye colour but make them look bigger..and nostalgia came knocking.

These are the “Geo” lenses, one of the best lenses around and top the list of best-sellers. I got green for me, going by the warm tones I have.

And got this cute animal lens case for free with it. The best part? It matches the lens colour, so if I’ve 2 pairs then it would save me a lot of trouble of checking each lens case separately.  And yes I’ve two, so they do save me from that trouble! (more on the second one later)
 Not to scare you away, but to show you how they make my eyes bigger.
Here I’m wearing just the lenses with some smudged kohl and grey liner.
pinky paradise lenses circle
All my FB friends are in awe with them. I just want to show them to my cousins when we meet next..may be tikka (bhai dooj?)
pinky paradise circle lenses
Apart from the animal lens case, I also got this red polka dot hair clip free! My niece loves bows and I’m keeping it for her.
Okay now time to admit something. It was difficult the first time I tried them on, they would just not go in. But after some practice I’m a pro now. Just don’t try to imitate SRK, or you would keep on struggling!

 They have some 350+ choices of circle lenses, ranging from natural series, enlarging series to cosplay series. They also carry lashes, mascara, facial mask to BB cream and etc The products are shipped out in 1-3 days. 

Disclaimer – Product sent by the PR for consideration, my review is 100% honest.

10 thoughts on “Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses- Review, Photos, My First Brush With Circle Lenses”

  1. @brucin geo are medical lenses, so i’m sure they are good. but for the dry eyes, i’m not sure. you can check thr FAQs or just mail them n ask, they reply instantly.

    @bhumika thanks huh!

    @jiya i was scared too..but not anymore, green would look lovely on u, go ahead

  2. i really like this shade on you, compliments your skin! that must have sucked when younger, having to watch all your peers have them and you couldn’t :( at least now you rock them whenever you want!


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