Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8315 Hair Straightener: Review and Before After Photos

Philips HP8315 Straightener Salon Straight Active Ion Review and Photos

By Contributor: Ruchi Jain

Want to style your hair but do not want to visit a salon every time you step out for a party? Go ahead and buy Philips Salon Straight Active Ion Straightener, its just a matter of 10 minutes and you are ready for a party. I know how it feels on a bad hair day. Irritating! No? This straightener can easily turn your bad hair days into fabulous hair days. This hair straightener is a necessity for girls with frizzy, curly, messy, damaged hair to get manageable silky straight hair.

Salon Straight Active Ion

  •  Easy for long hair- Extra wide plates
  • Shine and Conditions- Iconic care
  • Gentle on your hair – Ceramic plates
Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8315 Hair Straightener Review


  • Straightener has 2 wide plates on both sides.
  • The temperature goes up to 210 degree C.
  • It comes with 2 years Guarantee.
  • The plates heats up in as soon as in 60 sec.
  • The plates has a lock.
  • Straightener has an on/off button.

Product Description: Mid End Straightener ( 38-44W, 110-240V ,50-60 Hz). Read more on Philips website here

My Review:

I am blessed with beautiful silky straight hair, but from last few years they started getting dry, damaged and frizzy. So I need to manage them for parties and decided to buy a hair straightening iron. Another reason I got this is for my mom, her hair are a bit curly and getting mature , it’s more of her requirement than mine.

Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8315 Hair Straightener

The first straightener I got was from Nova but I was not satisfied with that one and decided to buy Philips. When my mom bought this, the SA told her that it won’t straighten mature hair effectively but still we decided to give it a try as I don’t trust the SAs here!

I used this straightener on my mom’s hair first and her hair got straightened easily. The plates got heated in few seconds and it took around 25 mins to straighten her lightly curled and matured hair.

Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener reviews

And Surprise Surprise  .. my hair needed 5 min to get manageable smooth straight hair!

Don’t forget the tip: spray some heat protector on your hair before using these heated products. So go and style up your hairs girls.

Look at this before and after photo

philips salon straight ionstraightener before after photo

Pros of Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8315 Hair Straightener:

1. Easily straightens hair with its wider plates.

2. Plates heats up in a few seconds.

3. Straightens mature hair easily.

4. It claims to add shine and conditioning to your hair.

5. Gentle on your hair.

6. The plates come with a lock.

Cons of Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8315 Hair Straightener:

1. Not a con actually but a bit of caution: keep the straightener away from the roots, and don’t keep it for long at one point during straightening as it gets very hot and your hair can burn.

philips salon straight active ion

Price: Rs.1995

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8315 Hair Straightener is a really good hair styling iron and I will recommend this to all the girls who are looking for a good straightener. It takes about 10mins to do medium length hair and comes with ceramic plates, temperature control and plates lock. Its easily available to buy online on Flipkart and ebay. Totally recommend this.

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