Parachute Advansed Art of Oiling: DIY Oil Massaging Techniques with Nargis Fakhri

Parachute Advanced Knowledge Centre Art of Oiling with Nargis Fakhri and Moses Chundi: Do It Yourself (DIY) oil massage techniques – The Art of Office De-stressing, The Art of Instant Energy, The Art of Facial Glow, The Art of Bridal Beauty

You guys probably know all about my weekend trip to Mumbai last month, thanks to how much I spam you guys on twitter. I was invited by the Parachute team to attend the Bloggers Meet to come and learn the different ways you can massage your hair and face at home. At home. I had also planned a weekend getaway with my friends in Bombay so the timing was perfect to do both and I agreed!

Nargis Fakhri was the surprise factor, I didnt know she would be there! And boy she is a blast to be around. No really, she isn’t diplomatic like other Bollywood personalities and has her own fun way of doing everything. It was totally a pleasure to meet her in person. Also present was the  International massage expert Moses Chundi who made us oil our hair. Yep. No it didn’t stop there, he also made us massage our face too. Parachute next time ask the guests to come with no makeup at all! I was ofcourse shy at first but later I joined in, I was gonna wash off my face anyway.

Moses Chundi and Nargis Fakhri at Parachute Advansed Art of Oiling Event

Most of us are juggling hectic lifestyles while trying to multi-hat and are constantly faced with little roadblocks every day. It is important to invest some quality time in ourselves to let go off any of these niggles and knots that we face. ‘Art of Oiling ’ provides rejuvenation with quick & easy 10 minute massage techniques. Its benefits range from de-stressing, relaxing, energizing and adding an instant glow on the face!

With a strong belief in the concept of oiling, Nargis Fakhri has joined hands to propagate the benefits of Art of Oiling to both men and women in India today. She also demonstrated a few easy DIY massage techniques on stage for an at home spa. With support and guidance from Moses, Nargis followed his techniques and shared its key benefits.

DIY massage techniques:

DIY Art of Bridal Beauty Massage step by step

I am share the Bridal Beauty massage which lists step by step details on how you can get a quick head and back massage. Just click on the images to zoom in.

DIY Art of Bridal Beauty Massage step by step

You can either bookmark or take a print out of the picture to keep handy when you need a oil body massage next

Nargis Fakhri for Parachute Advansed
  • Tapotement a technique from the Art of Instant Energy – it is a stimulating technique which is invigorating and boosts energy levels

  • Slow pinch and release a technique from the Art of Facial glow – which helps to increases the blood circulation and releases the tension in the facial muscles. It also helps in brightening up the face and eyes and improves your skin tone giving it a smooth appearance

  • Thumb presses along occiput a technique used in the Art of Office De-stressing Helps in loosening up the tightness

Moses Chundi, who has mastered the massaging under the guidance of late Mr. Narendra Mehta, also known as the “Guru of Indian Head Massage and founder of London Centre of Champissage has developed the Signature Line of Do It yourself (DIY) Massage Techniques said ‘Being in this field for more than 15 years, this is not only my profession but it’s my passion and an art for me. India is one of the origin for massages and oiling, but this art is slowly fading here. On the contrary, the West has caught on to this art enthusiastically. I’m glad to rediscover this art in India with a launch of signature line of massages with the expert PAKC.”

Later we had a fun photo booth where yours truly clicked a few selfies with Nargis Fakhri. No the night didn’t get over there. After the event we went to Chaupati and indulged into Bombay street food. I had my bestie Shruti and Lisha along who both are absolutely fire to hang around! It was Shruti’s birthday the next day so we bought soma macaroons and cakes on our way to the hotel. The next day we..oh wait this would get too long! Go over to my Instagram HERE and check all pictures yourself to see what all happened.

The city has been so good to me and I can’t wait to go there again. Reviews of the new Parachute Advanced Hair Oils will follow soon.

Have you tried a DIY Head and Facial Oil Massage? Share your views with us.

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