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Outfit Of The Day: Icy Blue and Ice Bar

This is my first outfit post on VNA! The picture quality is okay and half of the pictures are mirror reflections because either I can’t get people to click my pictures or I get too conscious while posing. But I promise better poses and pictures next time! These pictures are infact about a month old and I randomly decided to put them up here. The ice bar is “Freeze Lounge” in Westgate Mall, Rajouri Garden, Delhi.

 you notice whats on the right?

Let’s just ignore my tummy here, please. I just had a full 4 course meal..so you can imagine. Btw people find it weird when my tummy comes out just after I eat and goes in when….well you know. It doesn’t happen to my friends or family. I have this fear of wearing a really tight dress to a party and the dress bursting off after I eat!

It was -10 degrees inside. So we were given these huge  gigantic jackets. They should have smaller sizes too, will make us shorties life easier.

It was so freaking cold and my legs were freezing and all I was wearing were my day time chappals (DU fashion!). So had to do this okay. They should have given some shoes along with the jacket. Or did they? But they were free size!

 Yes surprisingly the lounge was empty but start filling in after we left
 That was dry ice (solid CO2 )

Wearing blue colored pants I blogged about here. Okay I’m done!

18 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day: Icy Blue and Ice Bar”

  1. wanted to visit this place for a very long time….but abhi tak toh uss maggi shop tak bhi nahin pohoch paayi hu :(

  2. I loved the pictures and love your blue pants!! Is that a hand? OMG that is spooky!! hope you know whose hand is it… I meant from a person who is alive and was hanging out with you…. otherwise I would possibly freak out and you will do the same!!

  3. i dont know if such a place exists in kolkata..seems cool! pun intended. :P u look nice..i think u posted abt this jeans in a haul post before.. :)

  4. Oh wowww, what an awesome experience you must have had there! Everything looks soo good, but the tempearture my god, i cant tolerate :p Your food looks soooo yummy!

  5. Anshita, do share tips on how you maintain such gorgeous tresses,even my tummy comes out after a meal.These pics remind me that it’s been long since I went out for dinner with husband & I must plan something :)


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