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Outfit and Makeup: Priyanka Chopra on Bigg Boss 7

priyanka chopra bigg boss 7 outfit makeup hair photo

 Priyanka Chopra’s Dress and Makeup on the sets of Bigg Boss 7

When these photos of Priyanka Chopra appeared on my facebook timeline, I knew I had to share them with you here on VNA. I’ve never watched Bigg Boss after the first season (that Ravi Kishan and Rakhi Sawant one..yeah now you know why). When my mates start those Bigg Boss 7 debates over lunch, I nod intelligently and smile at appropriate places with the occasional “omg!” or “are you kidding me!” and think if I should get All fired Up or Ruby Woo or both from the retro matte collection


Honestly I can’t stand Salman Khan or the swarg-nark or maybe its just Sallu..alright I cam’t stand reality tv shows. Period. The minute you start discussing DID I would mentally tune you out. Yup Dancing Superstars blah blah too (sorry Shruti!)

priyanka chopra bigg boss 7 black outfit

PC is coming on tonight’s show of Bigg Boss 7 to promote Krrish 3. For the show she wore a black and gold Tisha Saksena draped churidar suit. And paired the outfit with big drop gold earring and black Louboutins. I’m quite digging the whole outfit here. In my opinion she should stick to ethnic and ditch those body con dresses.

priyanka chopra salman khan bigg boss 7 dance scoop blog

 PC seems to be teaching some of her “exotic” dance moves to Salman. Best of luck Sallu!

priyanka chopra salman khan bigg-boss 7 dance

The whole makeup is kept simple except for the false lashes. She skipped kohl on her waterline and wore a thick black liner and mascara instead. The peachy pink blush is kept quite subtle and I’m guessing the brownish pink lipstick she is wearing here is Mac Cosmo. So here you have the makeup breakdown. Nothing extra-ordinary in my opinion. Why on earth can’t she wear a bright lipstick for once. Think Dangerous

..think Pink Lily..think Chatterbox..think..whatever.

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8 thoughts on “Outfit and Makeup: Priyanka Chopra on Bigg Boss 7”

  1. I like the outfit. She certainly ahould wear more ethnic. And I like the no khol on the lower waterline look too :) Though she has some pinky brown shadow there na?


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