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Outfit of the Day: Yellow Jeans, Peach Loafers and Cats!

summer trend yellow jeans

OOTD: Yellow Jeans and Peach Loafers

By Contributor: Shruti Gupta

I’m back with another outfit post. My last one was way back in winters. So before it starts snowing (okay now kidding) I quickly wanted to let you know how I dress up to college usually. Like I told you before about my love for neons

, I think my outfit looks incomplete without a pop of colour. So whether its my bag or top or jeans, I try to keep atleast one piece bold and bright. Lips don’t fall in this rule…..they have to be bold whatever the case!

yellow jeans summer trend

I have got denims in almost every colour now but I still crave for more. I so want something much more neon..itna neon ki it blinds everyone in my line of sight! But right now my obsession is – yellow jeans. I so love them. Plus they were totally a steal!

summer outfit of the day yellow denims blue top

And btw. Meet Mrs.Catty..my latest obsession when I’m not thinking of new shoes or makeup. She has got a little kitten but he is kinda shy of parading in front of the camera but oh I love his mom. The canteen wala owns her (I think) so she keeps everyone busy!

pet cat fashion statement

And I’ve a feeling that she loves me too. So we have got something in common..I love myself too!

peach loafers

Don’t you girls zoom into the orange loafers! It rained pretty badly that day and delhi streets + heavy rains = you know!

outfit of the day yellow pants blue top summer trend

Yellow Jeans: Westside
Top: Westside
Loafers: Stilettoes
Lips: Colorbar Peach Crush

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  1. Such a lovely pop of colours!!! :-) Looking so breezily fab!! You should do a post on your hair care routine pleeeeeease!!! :-)


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