Outfit of the Day: Mint and Lace

OOTD: My Khoobsurat Moment #1

Ever since college got over, life has become a lot busy. I used to be a workaholic but off late I’ve given myself a break and thus allow myself to attend these media events and blogger meets once in a while. Not just that, I make it a point to hang out with my girlies atleast once a week. I mostly skip the late night fashion weeks because my Punjabi mom thinks I am not safe in Delhi (well..I don’t totally disagree). Last week Azva invited me over to the IBFW 2014 at DLF Emporio and..the bulb lighted! I asked a cousin if he would be my bodyguard company for the night where he can go babe watch while I work and ofcourse he had to agree!

Not just he agreed but for the first time ever complimented me on my dress and how well my hair looked. Coming from a sibling you know it’s a big deal! I wore this cute mint green lace dress with lime green satchel and nude pumps. I am fairly simple so styled the dress with only a tribal necklace. My hair didn’t require any work so I just combed and left it loose. I had just coloured my hair Dark Chocolate

with L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss the day before and boy they felt super glossy. I was worried about the damage but got super straight and smooth hair like I do when I go for hair spas. I attribute the success to its ammonia free properties and the nutrishine conditioner that comes with the pack.

I met Lisha and Nitika there and the first thing they said was “babe you look super pretty!” Thank you girls! Also I bumped into this girl who is a friend of a friend. We knew each other via facebook but had never met and as soon as she realised it was me she went “hey you are the beauty blogger right?!” It was a cute fan girl moment. You can check out some great and hair styling tips from Get the Look

Btw hanging out with your cousin comes with its own set of problems. Like when we went to this bar, all I could pick was a glass of orange juice. Tch tch. I wanted to try some of the wines but..well nevermind. And sometimes your Punjabi brothers can embarrass you at a high street event too. Like when the show started and these gorgeous models started walking down the ramp, all he had to say was “behen kya models hai! Get me daily passes for these shows na” Yes I wanted to dig a hole and jump right in! Overall it was a great night and I found my own share of khoobsurat moments in it.

PS – Sorry for the mirror shots. Somehow I can never ask people to click my pictures even though I am clicking them all the time! Yes I am shy like that. Being a blogger I must learn to ask!

This post is part of the L’Oreal Paris Say Yes to Colour Campaign

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