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Original Source Lime Shower Gel – Unleash The Limes!

Do you have this habit of reading labels on every product that is in your 5m radius? When I’m bored in the shower and waiting for that anti-dandruff shampoo to complete 3mins, I switch to reading labels of everything that’s in my shower. And this is one of those products which totally made me crack up. The descriptions, usage directions, etc are all creative and humorous. I’ve clicked a few close up photos so you can read it.

original source shower gel
Original Source Lime Shower Gel Review

 Original Source Claims:

We’ve been making shower gels for some time now. But long before we made our first one, we sat in a darkened room, stripped to our waists and made some big promises that we’ve kept to this day.

Never ever consider, or even think of, showering or bathing as a routine
Always remain curious (enough to worry Laura from Health & Safety)
Use our senses to discover intense experiences
Use natural ingredients
Never tire of looking for new ingredients
Never stop messing around with new ingredients and packaging
Never test our products on animals
Always test our products on ourselves
Never be wasteful
We are a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and also work closely with the Vegan Society. Our products contain either pure and natural essential oils or natural extracts. We’re not big fans of flying our products in from here, there and everywhere, so we source and produce as much as we can in the UK. After all, it’s nice here.
After a long day of toil, a hot shower can be the perfect thing to pick you up and put the spring back in your step. Our shower gels contain a wide range of extraordinary natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their supremely stimulating effects.

Experience the mind-blowing zing of lime essential oil taken straight from its natural source and brought to you in this electrifying lime shower gel. We’ve kept it pure and simple for this green power-house, and crammed in every drop of vitamin C rich goodness that we can. Some cultures use limes to battle evil spirits, and once you’ve felt the ferocious citrus wallop of our special recipe, you’ll know why.
Directions: Original Source + Water = 1 Refreshing Zing. Pour out, feel zingy.
Warning: Avoid eyes. Its not for your eyes but for your body!

Original Source Bath
Original Source Bath Products

 Okay just read this. “Perfect for a morning fruit frenzy, this zesty sensation contains 40 limes in every bottle, and has more juice-power than a hydro-electric plant. It’s capable of turning even the most world-weary into world-champions in one swift wash, so when you need a pick-me-up, unleash the limes.” Who do they hire to write such descriptions…its so funny! I wish I had a job like this.

The shower gel is packed with 40 zingy limes, as they say. And true to the claims, when you first open the bottle you are taken aback with a strong lime scent. I prefer it in the mornings when I need a quirky scent to wake me up and take me out of the slumber. The scent doesn’t last though. Its gone once you are out of shower. I’ve been looking for a shower gel whose fragrance lingers on for some time but no shower gel fits the bill so I’ve almost given up. It lathers up really nicely and the whole bottle lasts for a long time. 40% is still left after 1.5 months of regular usage. It doesn’t dry out your skin and you don’t need to go in search of a heavy moisturiser instantly. Infact I skip the body moisturiser in summers.
But like every shower gel, you get used to the fragrance and after 50days of daily usage I don’t even feel the scent now. You know what that means? Time for a new fragrance! I’ve already ordered the Vanilla & Raspberry one along with the Mint & Tea-Tree.
bath body gel wash
Lime fragrance body wash

Price: Rs.195

Availability: Urbantouch.com

So is it for you? Yes if you like citrus fragrances and want a strong pick-me-up after those late nights. Like any shower gel it lathers up nicely, lasts long and easy on pocket. The fragrance doesn’t linger for much time though. Not a must have but a must try.

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  1. Thts such a funny description…Lolz! :D Would love to try this out and feel all Zingyyyyyy ;)


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