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Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Oil Review – Something Every Girl Needs On Her Shelf!

“Good things come in small sizes”. That’s what I shoot back when anyone comments on my height! Like the small Rs.10 mobile recharge when you run out of balance. Like every cute kid. Like Mac eye shadow refills. Like the Oriflame tea tree purifying oil. And like me! 

oriflame tea tree oil uses acne

It Claims: Purifying formula with high concentration of pure organic tea tree oil. Naturally purifies and soothes blemished skin. Dab directly onto blemishes when they first appear. Dermatologically tested.

I can rename it as “miracle oil’. This little bottle of wonder has been my life savior through out college. And if there is any Oriflame product you HAVE to buy then it is this. Let me tell you why:
  • Been lazy all day. Didn’t wash your face properly? Slept with makeup on? Now you have this itching on a particular area of your face and you can bet an acne is on its way. Dab it on the spot. And tadaaa the acne never comes!
  • Started a new cream/ moisturizer/ makeup product? Testing a new skin care line? Beauty bloggers can associate with this. So the new product…well..didn’t go to well with your skin and as a result you break out. Dab it on the spot. And tadaaa the acne is gone!
  • Have small zits on your face which is taking forever to cure? Dab it on the zits. And tadaaa the zits are gone!
  • Have those fresh scars from all those breakouts? Tried every anti-scar cream in the market? Dab it on the scars. And tadaaa the scars are gone fade!

    Okay before I start sounding like some cheap pushy sales girl, let me tell you something more. Apart from all the uses I mentioned above, there are a few more uses of this oil I have discovered:

    • I use it as one of the main ingredients in my home made Green Tea Toner (click the link for the steps).
    • Add a drop of it in the face masks you prepare at home to get some relief from the acne and scars.
    • If you have sensitive teeth, doctors suggest using tea tree oil to massage your gums with. You can dab a drop of it on your palm and then massage your teeth. Although I suggest you do this after doing a bit of research, I don’t want anybody loosing their teeth…kidding!
    • Add a drop of it in the hair oil if you or anybody in your family specially children, are plagued with head lice. The oil suffocates the lice and regular usage ensures it never comes back.

    Okay a word of caution before I wrap up:
    Tea tree oil is meant to be diluted first before using since its very strong. But this one I guess is already diluted (10ml of pure tea tree oil isn’t as cheap as Rs.350!). So you don’t have to dilute this one but it still is strong. I first got it to apply all over my face (what was I thinking!) to get rid of all the acne and scars and everything, so I would take a drop of it and apply all over my face with a cotton wool EVERY DAMN NIGHT and as a result a week later I got those tiny zits everywhere so I stopped using it like that. Moreover, I have sensitive skin so may be my skin could not bear it. So now I use it a spot treatment for acne or potential-acne. This way it doesn’t harms my skin now.

    How I use it: Take a tiny drop on a cotton wool and dab on the area. I prefer to use it at night and sleep on with it. The next morning, hello acne-free skin. Yes only a night it takes.

    Oh and this bottle will last you ages. I got mine 2yrs back and there is still 50% of it left since you need a very very very tiny amount per usage. A drop can cover your whole face! Plus it comes with a dropper so it ensures you don’t waste the “miracle oil” inside it.

    tea tree face skin acne

    Price: Rs.349 ($8) I bought mine 2yrs back so it must be around Rs.400 now I guess. You can wait for the offers but this oil seldom goes on discount.

    They have some 4-5 more products in this range like a face wash, corrective concealer, blemish solver, toner, etc but all of them are pretty useless.

    So is it for you? Yes I whole heartily recommend this to every girl and even guys out there who constantly battle their break outs. This works like magic in those emergency situations where you can’t afford to walk out of your door with a big fat acne sitting on your face. If you have sensitive skin like mine, worry not and just use it the way I mentioned and it will never irritate your skin.
    Treat this oil like your best friend and it will be one!

    25 thoughts on “Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Oil Review – Something Every Girl Needs On Her Shelf!”

    1. Woww sounds like a magic potion for acne treatment, i dont get acne , but you never know, it will come handy during unexpected time

    2. Right in time when I needed! I was wondering if I could make my own toner with a few drops of essential oils in rosewater. I wanted a Tea Tree toner of my own. Do you think it would work with this?
      I think I need to get this very fast now that summer is coming :)

    3. I m also suferng frm ths acne n scar prblm. I also have sum deep scars on my both cheeks. Is it a gud product 4 ths?

    4. They dont have tea tree oil on their website. The one which is available now is rosemary n tea tree oil. Can i order that one for the same results?

    5. thank you so much for this lovely post.. needed badly..by the way can i use sesame oil instead of this one? my friend once told me they are also used for fading the acne scars. is it safe???


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