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Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick – Coral Rose (Swatches and Photos)

I’ve already reviewed this range HERE. The shade I reviewed was Vintage Nude and like I said, I did go ahead and got Coral Rose. Here are the swatches. These are the tiniest and cheapest lipsticks one can find. The colour is a sheer coral and would suit all the skintones.It would not give totally opaque coverage and the coverage is sheer.. They are creamy and you don’t need to use a lip balm underneath.

There is hardly any pigmentation. I swiped it 3-4 times to let the colour show up. But once on your lips, it goes very sheer and you only get a hint of coral.

So if you are just starting out on lipsticks and want to experiment first before investing in expensive lipsticks than do check them out.

Price– Rs.89 ($2)

Is it for you? Yes if you don’t like lipsticks with their full power and like just a hint of colour. Its basically like a tinted lip balm. I

f you are on a budget and want to experiment with every shade out there before going for a high-end lipstick. It is creamy, gives sheer coverage and is dirt cheap.

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  1. with vintage nude also, this was the same problem i faced. a customer of mine even wanted to return the product. but alas…oriflame takes no return except for undesirable effe


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