Oriflame Power Shine 3D Lipgloss ‘Soft Coral’ – Review, Swatches, Photos

 My cousin was here the other day and we did what all sisters did- play with makeup. While we were kids and not allowed makeup, we would sneek into our newly married maami’s room and play with (read ruin) her bridal makeup kit. Now when we have makeup of our own and don’t need to hide from anybody while giving each other makeovers, here is what we did- swatch swatch swatch every lip product! So this time Priyanka was the model and I did whatever I wanted on her (that’s the only rule!)

Lip Product No.1– The newly launched Oriflame Power Shine 3D Lipgloss with Light Reflecting Technology

What it says? Super power shine gloss with unique applicator for precise and mess-free application. With advanced pearlescent pigments that deliver a sparkling and ultra gloss finish. About the brush, wonderfully soft, flexible applicator boasting rubber-like qualities ideal for high-bulk applications, whilst maintaining supreme precision and comfort. Power on!

Price– Rs. 379 ($6) for 5 ml

First of all, the name is quite scary. 3D? Light Reflecting? I run away when these terms are used on lip products. I’ve already thick lips and don’t want to scare people away wearing a 3D lipgloss. But thn I got adventurous and went ahead. I love the shade. Why? Because its coral. And that IS THE ONLY colour I look at these days. It is loaded with shimmer and oh bouuuyy (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara effect!) not just tiny shimmer but big shimmer particles. Have a look at the swatch below.

The applicator is a newly created flat-tip. Oriflame says its the first time a flat-tip applicator has been created. Its nice and easy to spread the gloss. It makes applying the gloss on the corners very easy. The gloss itself is quite sticky and sometimes feels like what boys call “eeekk”. The pigmentation is an issue too. Its quite sheer and what all come up on your lips is a hint of coral with loads of shimmer. The disco ball effect . I you have pale lips than you can quite rock this gloss by going less on your over-all makeup and wearing this gloss as the highlight. But if you have pigmented lips than it won’t show up much, just a hint of coral here and there. The lasting power is average and won’t survive your full meals. It moisturizes your lips as all the glosses does. It’s available in 5 shades – Nude Bronze, Soft Coral, Red Ovation, Trendy Berry, Soft Pink.

Enjoy some lip swatches.
Model- My sissy.

in natural light

So is it for you? Yes if you have no problem with sheer lip glosses and like wearing shimmery glosses. For girls with pigmented lips, you can layer it over a coral shade to make the colour show up. Although I feel its pricey for what it delivers. If you are really ken on it then wait for a good offer to come your way.

artificial light

By the way have you seen how our lovely vampire glistens in sun-light. You know who am I talking about, right? So, the gloss turns my lips into Eddy’s lips in sun light.

What do you think about this? Like the 3D effect or not?

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  • Nice! This one is very pretty.

    I like Oriflame's lipglosses & lipsticks but they are all sparkly and the color choices are very limited so I get bored with it. There is barely any matte lipsticks in their catalogue at all.

    I really like this one tho.


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