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Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm Review

I’m a fan of Oriflame skin care products. I have tried its lip spa therapy and it was love at first use!
And this time I got its Beauty Lip Balm. Notice the classy white packaging? Well, I’ll be honest here. It said something about “soft pink lips” in the catalogue so I thought it was tinted and that is why I bought it. But as they say, read reviews about the products you are unsure of before buying them. I wish I had done that because it has got no tint! And try to avoid un-tinted balms during the day. Also, it hasnt got any SPF so this is my night balm :P
What I like about this is that it doesnt have that balm shine which doesnt give away that I’m wearing a balm. My lips look as if they are naturally soft. Also, it makes for a good under-lipstick balm. You dont have to wait for the balm to get absorbed before wearing your lippie. Its in a tube so no hygiene issue.

oriflame lip balm

oriflame india
lip balm

It has- Vitamin A&E
Quantity- 4g
Price- Rs.179(around 4$) but you can always get some discounts
Rating- 3
Repurchase? Umm..may be

7 thoughts on “Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm Review”

  1. I prefer using Tender Care Lip Balm as it contains all the natural products and its in my must have list for winters. Will try this one too, thanks for the review :)


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