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Oriflame Absolute Concealer for eyes- Review & Swatch

This was the first concealer I ever bought (way way back in school). At that time I had no idea that there are two separate concealers for under-eyes and rest of your face. I had wanted one for my face. Well now when so many people keep discussing about this concealer, then let me “enlighten” you about it.

Ideal for the delicate eye area! Dual action concealer containing Eyeliss to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and Eye bright, to help soften shadows under the eye. With 68% water for a refreshing effect.

Price: Rs.199 ($4)
Quantity: 10ml
Shades available:  Pink and Gold.

I’m reviewing the ‘gold’ one here.

What I like:

  • It is a cream concealer and is very easy to spread and blend.
  • I use it to highlight my cheeks, nose bridge and cupid’s bow because of the shimmer present in it. In short, it is a highlighter.
  • Mix it with your foundation for your own tinted-moisturiser.
  • Comes in a tube and the nozzle helps in no wastage of the product.
  • You just need a tiny amount. Mine is still 3/4th left.
  • Can be used as an e/s base.

What I don’t like:

  • Gives no coverage at all. It just isn’t a concealer!
  • It has this tiny flecks of gold shimmer which highlight the under-eye rather than conceal it.
  • It looks white and ashy
  • No staying power.

Frankly a concealer is supposed to conceal and if it cannot conceal a single blemish then it is a failure. I would not recommend it.

10 thoughts on “Oriflame Absolute Concealer for eyes- Review & Swatch”

  1. This is the worst “concealer” I have ever tried! You are so right, no coverage at all! Total waste of money. This is one of the reasons why I stopped buying Oriflame. Seriously, I don’t find my money on the street…what a shame!

  2. Its the worst one
    first of all it doesnt conceal on on top of it gives a white-ish effect,,,
    never gonna buy this again


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