Organic Harvest Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

Organic Harvest Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review & Swatches

By Contributor: Agnirupa

This is my last product from my Organic Harvest stash which I will finish reviewing today. I wanted to try the shampoo for the longest time as natural products anyway do take quite sometime to show effects, plus it addresses such a controversial issue of hair hall reduction! Read on for my review on the Hair Fall Control Shampoo by Organic Harvest.

Organic Harvest Claims: Hair loss has troubled the confidence of so many people, whether your hair is thinning, receding or balding. A shampoo so gentle that cleanse your scalp and hair without harming that. It has beetroot extract, milk protein and no animal source which is BSE free. Snags smooth, tangles unwind and combs glide through hair non-stop. Thicker fuller hair is yours.

Organic Harvest Hair Fall Control Shampoo

My Review:

The shampoo comes in a large, tall, sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a white locking pump to prevent leakage and making it easy to carry though the shape and size of the bottle are enough to kill that idea!

The shampoo is light, grassy transparent green with a strong, wild grassy smell which is rather beetroot-y. And certainly nothing desirable to have in my hair. However, it is not cloying/overwhelming and fades after drying of hair (thank goodness!)

Organic Harvest Hair Fall Shampoo

The texture is gel-like and spreads quite easily on wet hair and does not create much of a lather, needing quite big dollops and 2 washes to get rid of my scalp and hair oil. It washes off very easily too but while massaging it in, due to lack of silicone and other softening chemicals, my hair got more tangled up and a quite a lot fell out!! Eekkk

When my hair dried, ouch..just like most natural shampoos (kiehl’s excluded) my hair was coarse, dry and a frizz-ball. And thanks organic harvest for not having a paired conditioner (eyeroll). The next time I washed my hair, I followed it with a silicone-free conditioner and my hair was slightly better, though still very rough and frizzy with additional hair-fall as my curly hair is anyway difficult to comb through.

Organic Harvest Shampoo

I have more or less persistently used and tried to make this shampoo work for me with a variety of other natural conditioners and have not really gone anywhere with it. Coming to the “hairfall control” claim, I think its high time brands realize we are educated enough to realize a natural chemical-free shampoo even if loaded with the best stuff out there CANNOT affect hair fall as it has a max 2-3 minutes time in total on our scalp and hair..what can happen and did happen with me was that, it made my hair drier, rougher, so combing was a pain and I lost more hair.

The next day I tried the silicone loaded pantene on my hair, my hair breakage was 60% reduced as it was smooth and tangle free. So duhh…so much for the claims!!

The pros of Organic Harvest Hair Fall Control Shampoo:

  • Sturdy, tall bottle packaging with a nice locking system pump dispenser
  • Texture is gel-like- easy to spread on hair and wash off too!
  • Loaded with natural ingredients
  • Mineral oil, silicone free!!

The cons of Organic Harvest Shampoo:

  • Fails for me in its first and foremost claim- the hairfall reduction issue
  • Made my hair drier, rougher- resulted in more breakage
Organic Harvest Hair Fall Control Shampoo review

Price: Rs.945

VNA Rating: 2/5

Do I recommend? Not unless you have poker straight, slightly oily/greasy but otherwise perfect hair which can withstand drying and no mechanical hair breakage can be possible! In which case of course, you do not need to spend a thousand bucks on any shampoo anyway. Normal unlucky people, stay away!!

Have you tried Organic Harvest Shampoo? Share your views with us.

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  • I got Aaranyaa protein conditioning shampoo and methi conditioner this Friday, which contains natural products . I have used them twice and it made my hair worse. It made my hair so dry as if I had back combed my entire hair. It was horrible. The SA asked me to try it and return in case it does not work. I am going to return it today. I guess all these natural products are making things worse for us.

  • Such a dud!! Great review dear!. I have hair fall issues and tried most of the shampoos to realize the fact that you just mentioned: shampoo stays in our hair for just 2-3 minutes and to expect miracles in controlling hair from a shampoo would be foolishness!

    Just go for a shampoo that works well both with the condition of your scalp and texture of your hair.

  • Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing! i really like your blog.

  • Within a month of use of organic harvest shampoo, my hairfall increased and kept on, due to which I lost almost 40% of volume. It makes hair extremely dry, rough. Even the conditioner is of no use.,it doesn't remove knots. I regret to buy this product big time. Stopped using it. Now I am on medication to stop hair fall, before I go bald.

    • HI guys , if u wish to control ur hair fall , just use lemon with 🌴 Coconut oil , mix it and apply on ur hairs . Do it twice/thrice a week , and see the results... most importantly before wash do a gentle oil message , using combination of oils .. definitely u see a difference. And never use conditioners... Manisha jolly

  • HI guys , if u wish to control ur hair fall , just use lemon with 🌴 Coconut oil , mix it and apply on ur hairs . Do it twice/thrice a week , and see the results... most importantly before wash do a gentle oil message , using combination of oils .. definitely u see a difference. And never use conditioners... Manisha jolly

  • Asking questions are truly pleasant thing if you are not
    understanding anything completely, however this post gives
    good understanding even.


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